Home Sweet Tome: A House Cut Into A Book


Danish artist Olafur Eliasson reminds us to never judge a book by its cover. Better known for his public installations and sculptural work, Eliasson’s book Your House brings architectural scale to a microscopic level. Out of 454 pristine pages, Eliasson laser-cuts the negative space of his Copenhagen home, each sheet serving as a paper-thin cross section that gives shape to tiny doors, stairways, and window frames.

Visual Bits #458 > Let’s Go Geometric With Architecture

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Architecture for Dogs


Have you ever thought about designing something unique for your dog to participate in? Japanese designer Kenya Hara created a project called Architecture for Dogs, a curated collection of houses and beds for the pooches. Hara connected with 11 architects who chose a particular breed of dog to design for. The architects then designed places of leisure based on that breeds particular behaviors.

Cramped Hong Kong Apartments from Above

Hong Kong Appartments from Above 3

For people living in the west, it’s hard to imagine anyone living in an apartment this small. We think a small New York loft cleverly designed to make use of all its 200 square feet is impressive and maybe even attractive… but how about these cramped apartments in Hong Kong? Many of us have closets this size.