Earthy European Dwellings Go Off the Grid

There are so many reasons to head for the country and live lightly on the earth: from protecting our fragile environment, to leaving the speed and stress of city life behind, or just getting to live by your own rules. Photographer Immo Klink has an ongoing project which captures the dwellings of people around Europe who have made the challenging decision to step outside the confines of industrial society, creating their own homes out of the natural world at hand.

Home-Made Visualization Toolkit: Data in the Wild

Are you a designer away from your MacBook? Do you steal pens and napkins to draw pie charts? Next time you find yourself in the wild and far from Illustrator you should definitely pack one of these genius kits. Looking like a designers DIY Happy Meal this “Home-Made Visualization Toolkit” by Jose Duarte will have you comparing stats in no time.