Tales You Lose: Classic Coin Faces Get Colorful New Identities

1 Tales You Lose by Andre Levy

With so much individuality in the world, who wants to look at the same presidents, prime ministers, and famous faces on their pocket change every day? Certainly not Frankfurt, Germany-based designer Andre Levy. Known as @zhion on Instagram this Brazil-born artist transforms dull coin sculptures into colorful familiar faces from pop culture, taking them from drab and lifeless to vibrant and one-in-a-million. His coin painting began as a project on Instagram, but he soon realized it makes the perfect Tumblr, which he calls Tales You Lose.

Extra Terrestrial Nickels Are Out of this World

Did you ever wonder what our currency might look like if aliens invaded our planet and for some strange reason decided to integrate into our culture rather than destroying us all? This selection of extra terrestrial coins includes some of the most intriguing hobo nickels on Earth. If you’re not familiar, hobo nickels are any coin-not just nickels- of which the original carvings have been altered.