Photographing 4 Years Hopping the Rails of America

Mike Brodie Hitchhikers 6

Hopping trains across the country is one of those ideas which harkens back to Great Depression era days of meager means and distant travels in search of something better. Forgetting the hardships of those now distant times, we often look at the hobo life as one of complete freedom – a romantic era now gone. But, it’s not gone for all: there are still people hopping trains across the U.S., seeking adventure and finding it on the backs of freight trains as they roll down the long steel rails.

The Eclectic Art of Barry McGee is Back!


The Bay Area is the place to be in late August for Barry McGee’s 2012 exhibit. If you haven’t heard of Barry McGee and you are interested in urban art you definitely want to look him up. I’m excited to announce that the California’s Berkley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive have been awarded a $100,000 grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation to hold an exhibit for Barry McGee showing over two decades worth of his work.