The Art of “Jet-Hiking”

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In the realm of travel, there have been plenty of stories about hitchhiking and even boat-hitching, but have you ever come across a “jet-hitcher?” Let’s introduce Amber Nolan, who likes to go by the alias of the “Jet-Hiking Gypsy.” A travel writer by trade, she had the crazy idea one day to hitchhike around the country on general aviation planes and private jets. Deciding it wasn’t too crazy to try, she began the JetHiking Project with the goal of hitching on aircraft to all 50 states in the USA.

Photographing 4 Years Hopping the Rails of America

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Hopping trains across the country is one of those ideas which harkens back to Great Depression era days of meager means and distant travels in search of something better. Forgetting the hardships of those now distant times, we often look at the hobo life as one of complete freedom – a romantic era now gone. But, it’s not gone for all: there are still people hopping trains across the U.S., seeking adventure and finding it on the backs of freight trains as they roll down the long steel rails.

5 Years of Hitchhiking Around the World: Completed!


In 2007, Jeremy Marie of Caen, France graduated from university, packed his bag and began a journey with the goal of hitchhiking around the world. On March 12, he finally arrived home after 5 years, 5 months and 5 days. In all of the 1,752 vehicles that gave him rides, he never once paid a single cent. Jeremy traveled 180,700 kilometers (112,282 miles) in over 100 countries and used many forms of transportation including boats, tractors, historic cars and camels.

How Hitchhiking is Helping Street Children in Uganda

Quitting your good job at Cambridge University to go hitchhiking to Uganda is foolish, right? Why give up such security, status and comfortable living? For Pawel Huk the answer was street children. His heart was moved by the reality that there are over 10,000 children who have to survive on their own in Uganda. So, he quit his job and decided to hitchhike to Uganda while raising money and awareness about the social issue throughout the journey. The support he raised was donated to the UK based organization Street Child Africa.

Snap Shots: Hitchhiking Across the USA

Using over 3000 photographs, Benjamin Oliver Jenks has put together a stop motion film about his hitchhiking journey across the USA. Having done this adventure myself, I think he has really captured what it feels like to cross the continent, randomly meeting new friends, sharing stories and creating fond memories. Want more hitchhiking inspiration? Check out the time I hitched across the USA dressed as a monk or watch the excellent series Thumbs Up by David Choe.

No Ticket Required: Hitchhiking Around the World

Hitchhiking: It’s something your parents told you never to do, right? Meet Jeremy Marie from France. To date, he has traveled 74,000 miles through 64 countries all by hitchhiking. And he’s still alive.

His purpose for all the travel is simple: “to prove that the planet Earth is mainly occupied by people with good intentions.” Through his travels, he has proved just that, having been given 1,285 rides and making friends with people all over the world.