The Statue of Liberty Before It Was Green

Did it ever occur to you that the official greeter of New York, the Statue of Liberty, wasn’t always green? Constructed in Paris in the 1880’s, the statue was made with an exterior of untreated copper, which as many know from seeing old neglected pennies, slowly turns green over time through oxidation (not so the ones in your pocket, as they are slowly polished through friction). The builders of the statue clearly knew that over time the lady would turn a dull green, but think of how it must have originally appeared as new immigrants arrived at Ellis Island, shining a warm welcome in the New York sun.

Make a Crazy Video, Win a Private Island Stay

If only airline safety brochures were as fun and entertaining as this one… and if they had in-air competitions it would be even better! This contest put on by the seriously speedy flight search site Hipmunk (we love it) and travel accomodation site Airbnb, challenges you to share your best crazy video using phone app, SocialCam. The reward? A week long trip to your own, palm tree lined, private island paradise in Fiji!