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Visual Bits #378> V-Day:Sugar & Spice…Everything Nice?

Thursday 02.14.2013 , Posted by

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Adventures in Dog-Sitting

Tuesday 02.28.2012 , Posted by

If I could change form for a day, I have always debated whether I would want to be a bird or a family dog. Naps, belly rubs, walks, massages, playtime and treats…sounds like an amazing life, but flying is also pretty cool. Now that I’ve seen Dave Meinert’s incredible new music video for “Hearts” by Johnny Neon, I can say that I would choose the canine path! The video follows a young dog named Lemon through a fun-filled adventure all over Cape Town, meeting new canine and human friends, soaking up the sun, and splashing around at the beach. [Read more…]


Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Saturday 01.28.2012 , Posted by

Sometimes the smallest gestures can turn a frown upside down. Brooklyn-based street artist, photographer, and actress Katie Sokoler was inspired by a song called “Mr. Blue” by Catherine Feeny to spread a little love throughout her neighborhood. [Read more…]