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9 Shocking Facts About the Food Industry

Friday 06.22.2012 , Posted by

Modern farming techniques have changed the way America produces food. The U.S. grows more corn than any other country on the planet. These modern farming techniques, combined with massive government subsidies, have turned corn into an incredibly productive — and incredibly cheap — crop. 90 million acres of corn are farmed every year in the U.S., and < 1% of that is sweet corn, the type people actually eat. So, what is the corn being produced and used for? To worsen the American diet and enlarge waistlines? [Read more…]


The Long Wait For Donated Organs

Monday 06.04.2012 , Posted by

Being born with weaker organs than others is a bummer, and the thought of losing your life because you weren’t able to get an organ transplant is even more disheartening. Organ donation rates have increased considerably over the years as awareness of donor programs has grown, yet nearly 20 Americans die each day while waiting for a transplant. There are more than 114,000 Americans who are eligible for organ transplants and waiting for a donation, with more than 80% of candidates waiting for a new kidney. [Read more…]


Working Out In The Workplace

Tuesday 05.22.2012 , Posted by

It’s no secret that Americans spend quite a bit of time at their desk while they’re at work, but did you realize that it’s close to roughly a third of their entire time spent there? Exercise is a vital and important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and anything you can do to keep yourself fit will help you out in the long run. Just because you’re in a cubicle and not out on the field or court doesn’t mean there still aren’t things you can do at work to stay fit. [Read more…]


Bites For Busy Bodies

Wednesday 05.02.2012 , Posted by

We all know that gorging on chocolate bars, Mountain Dew and Tapatio flavored Doritos aren’t the best snack options for us, but snacking doesn’t fully deserve the bad rap those delicious — but totally unhealthy — snacks named above are giving it. A busy lifestyle has come to define American culture and our collective eating habits and, as we snack more today than ever before, we need to start making the right choices to keep our energy level up throughout the day. [Read more…]


Are Bananas Really As Bad For You As Cookies?

Friday 03.23.2012 , Posted by

The title of this infographic by Massive Health reads like it was lifted off an episode of the hit TV show, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader: Are Bananas Really As Bad For You As Cookies? Why would anyone ask if a banana is better for you than a cookie? It’s such a noob move, and the answer is such a no brainer — something even a 5th grader can get right. Imagine you’re sitting in your living room watching the show, Jeff Foxworthy pops this question and you instinctively shout at the television, “The cookie is way worse than the banana!” You pat yourself on the back proudly, confident in your answer. But, is it really? (cue Twilight Zone music). [Read more…]


The Growth of American Food Portions

Wednesday 01.25.2012 , Posted by

It’s no secret that waistlines and food portions have been ballooning across America, the land of the free and home of the artery clogging super-sized value menu. The last few decades have seen a massive shift in the thinking of American consumers, restaurants, fast-food chains and food manufacturers. The emphasis has changed into giving the consumer more food for less money; hasn’t anyone noticed that a small soda has turned into a medium, a medium into a large, and so on? This focus on more for less doesn’t just stop at out-of-home options either: packaged food companies are making portions larger, plates are getting bigger, and we’re so surrounded by this growth that we don’t know how much we really need to eat. [Read more…]


Fast Food: Advertisements vs. Reality

Friday 01.13.2012 , Posted by

If you ever wanted an in-depth look at false advertising… Dario D’s your guy. He has a really engaging and entertaining way of laying out all the details in the many thoughtful articles and exposés he puts together on his site… from digging into the reasons he thinks Windows 7 is a failure, to Apple’s problem with spreading Macs and this: his photographic revealing of what you really get inside those cardboard fast food boxes. [Read more…]


How Tobacco Smokes The World

Friday 12.09.2011 , Posted by

If you think big tobacco companies have been hurt by the virtually indisputable evidence of cigarettes’ negative health effects, think again. Despite selling a product which will eventually kill their customers, tobacco companies still maintain a 26.7% profit margin, 3 times that of Big Oil, and 2 times that of Big Pharmaceutical. With plenty of money to back advertising campaigns, Big Tobacco has raised a brand new generation of smokers. This Infographic from Frugal Dad breaks down the huge numbers behind the “Big Tobacco” brands. [Read more…]


The UP Wristband Reminds You To Live

Monday 11.21.2011 , Posted by

Now here’s an interesting new gadget: with todays hectic, busy lifestyles, it’s easy to get sucked into an activity and forget about normal life things like moving around or eating regularly. Enter the new UP wristband from Jawbone. The modern, flexible devise wraps around your wrist, linking you to your smart phone via Bluetooth while keeping track of your eating habits, nutrition, sleep patterns and overall well being. It also vibrates to alert you when you haven’t moved around for a while and works as an alarm to monitor your sleep and wake you at the perfect moment in your sleep cycle. Your personal data is graphed on your phone and it offers recommendations about improvements in dietary and fitness routines. You don’t have to take it off in the pool or shower as it’s waterproof. Check out the video below, then jog by for a rundown on the cool $99 dollar device. [Read more…]


New class of painkillers: Ibuprofen 2.0?

Wednesday 09.28.2011 , Posted by

Scientists thought there was little left to learn about a class of medications that includes ibuprofen, but a recent discovery raises the possibility of a new class of pain relievers. [Read more…]

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