Hilarious Technology Ads From Yesteryear

Vintage Computer Ads (1)

When we look at the smart phones in our pockets that can do everything and so much more than the first computers which took up an entire room, it’s hard to believe that there was a time when floppy disks were the latest, greatest invention! We can get so impatient when a website seems to be taking too long to load, but if we think back to the time of dial-up where we had to wait for our computers to call a server- sometimes several times unsuccessfully- that minute doesn’t seem so long anymore! This collection of retro technology ads is quite hilarious to see, but each one was a necessary step in getting us to the amazing technology we have today. It’s funny to think that in twenty more years we will be looking at the gadgets we currently have in the same way.

Toys Made From Old Hard Drives

Here’s a great way to reuse that stack of old e-waste you have floating around the house: the people over at VIST, a Ukrainian IT and computer service, are making toys out of only old hard drive parts. Creatively using the existing shapes and structures of the drives, they’ve made both a futuristic race car and a kiwi like robot bird.

To show you how they get the job done we’ve also included some pictures of their crew… hard at work dissasembling old computer parts for future projects.