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Repurposed ‘BaskeTREE’ Sculptures by Amy Santoferraro

Tuesday 11.26.2013 , Posted by

Repurposed ‘BaskeTREE’ Sculptures by Amy Santoferraro

Amy Santoferraro looks at a cheaply produced kitsch object and thinks, “Wow, that would make really great art.” After experiencing this sculpture I began to realize that I am being blinded to the true visual beauty of kitsch. Somehow, that same type of cheap plastic makes it’s way into my life and I end up resenting it, first, because its doesn’t look nice next to my iPod, and second, because I am going to have to put it in a landfill and feel bad about it. The color of that old easter basket is actually kind of nice… and the texture of that dish-sponge is incredible… and that fly-swatter! Amy Santoferraro removes the immediate functional connotations from everyday objects and reinvents them as playful landscape compositions in a series she calls ‘BaskeTREE.’ [Read more…]


Smiling From Ear to Ear: The Happiest (Not to Mention Drug Free) DJ on Earth

Tuesday 09.10.2013 , Posted by

1 DJ der guten laune is the happiest DJ in the world

Move over Energizer Bunny, we’ve discovered someone more energetic- and he doesn’t need batteries- he runs on music! DJ Der Guten Laune (German for DJ Good Moods) is quite possibly the happiest man on Earth when he is in a musical flow. The 58 year old DJ from Köln, Germany traveled to Copenhagen to help Woohoo Inc. celebrate their tenth anniversary. DJ Der Guten Laune was a perfect match for WooHoo Inc. because their company specializes in promoting happiness in the workplace. They offer workshops and tips for employees and employers on optimizing happiness, which ultimately increases productivity and profit. Redditor alexanderkjerulf is the founder of the company and posted these pictures to r/Happy to introduce this energetic, ball of happiness to the community. [Read more…]


Happy, Loving, Passionate Art by Natitota

Sunday 03.10.2013 , Posted by

1 Natitota

Born in the beautiful “city of eternal springtime,” Medellín Colombia, Natitota embraced the vibrant colors, people, and music that surrounded her. She expresses her vision of the magnificence of nature and love that she has experienced through her paintbrush in a unique style that vibrates with energy. Natitota has traveled the world and stayed in some of the most breathtaking places. She finds inspiration in the scenery, then, she explains, “I do everything that charges me with positive energy and then I express it all through colors and shapes in my paintings. My objective is to spread the wings of my heart to share Natitota’s love, joy and passion with the World.” Learn more about Natitota in our interview after the jump. [Read more…]


Mr. Happy Man: 88 Year Old Shares Daily Love

Wednesday 02.15.2012 , Posted by

When people first encounter 88 year old Johnny Barnes, standing on a traffic island, waving his arms and blowing kisses at the many cars driving by, they probably wonder about his sanity. Yet, this charming and youthful fellow has more wisdom to share about life and love than almost anyone you’ll encounter. Each day, Barnes spends 6 hours, rain or shine, waving to cars, sharing love with passerby and doing his very best to better the world through his presence. In the beautiful film below, you’ll find he’s far from crazy, but rather has a beautiful and simple philosophy on life from which we can all learn. [Read more…]