20 Families That Went Totally Overboard for Halloween

For most people a simple Jack-o’-lantern on the front porch is enough for Halloween. Then there are families like these.

Suddenly their home becomes a miniature version of The Addams Family mansion, only it’s stuck in suburbia. Or, if you’re like one of the images here – there’s a full-on diorama of a Ghostbusters scene in the front yard. This is some next-level decorating, and we approve!

This Incredible Dad Creates Halloween Costumes for His Wheelchair Bound Son

This Colorado stepdad is a real champ. For the last 3 years he’s been creating fantastic costumes for his wheelchair bound stepson, who’s now 6 years old. Each costume took around 15-30 hours to complete using just cardboard, duct tape and spray paint.

These 10 Minimalist Horror Movie Posters Have No Titles. Can You Guess Them All?

If your recent movie choices are leaning towards ghastly and ghoulish, these minimalist movie posters will be a real treat. Each image condenses a horror film’s story into just two iconic items, leaving the task of identifying the movie up to you.

What movie featured lots of typing and a woodsman’s axe? What film included TV watching and conversations on old-school landline phones? You can call yourself a true horror fan… but only if you get all of these right.

Stop Motion Video of a Creepy Lobotomy Pumpkin Carving (and its Ghastly Ending!)

ford pumpkin carving

Just in time for Halloween – a seriously creepy pumpkin lobotomy time-lapse carving by Chris Soria. He spent 15 hours cutting in the ghastly details of this fantastic 360 degree illustration by Jason Smith. The talented duo teamed up to create a commission for Ford, who created the GIF. Check out the unexpected ending in the video below.

Amazing Halloween Costumes for Kids Based on Your Favorite Movies & TV Shows

Kids Halloween Costumes- 1 Ghostbusters

Trick or treat! Although it’s probably past the time when you would be deciding what to dress your kids up as for Halloween, we thought it might brighten your day to see some hilarious kids costumes. Although some of the characters they portray are not kid-friendly (I would hope no child has seen Silence of the Lambs or Breaking Bad) and likely based more on their parents’ favorite movies and television shows, it’s pretty entertaining to see children in these roles. If I saw trick-or-treaters dressed in some of these costumes I might just have to pour my whole bowl of candy into their bag!

Everything is Cooler With Lasers: Magnificent Pumpkin Carved With a Laser-Cutter

1 lasercut-jack-o-lantern by Dan Funderburgh

It’s that time again! Pumpkin-flavored everything means only one thing- Halloween is just around the corner. Aside from adding the delicious artificial aroma to coffee, oatmeal, desserts, and fragrances, real pumpkins are in season and ready to test your finest carving skills. DesignSponge held a contest to see what clever creations its readers could come up with this season and we are loving this one by Brooklyn-based artist Dan Funderburgh! Rather than using a knife, he deconstructed his pumpkin so that he could carve it by laser! He began by cutting 2 discs off the front of a medium smallish pumpkin with a flat face. For his pattern, he chose to layer a chose to layer a Mexican punched tin design against a Mashrabiya style geometric lattice. underburgh explains that he chose this design “partly for aesthetic and partially for architectural reasons. [He] wanted to something that would be hard to to do by hand, but would not collapse right away.” The result was pretty flippin’ awesome!

Mom Shows Her Daughter How to Play Dress-Up as Influential Women Rather Than Disney Princesses

1-Jaime Moore- Amelia Earheart

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to share this amazing idea set for little girls unlike any costume you’ll find in a store. For her daughter’s fifth birthday, Austin,Texas-based photographer Jaime Moore wanted to do a special photo shoot with her daughter. She looked online for dress-up costume inspiration and 95% of her search results yielded how-to’s for princess transformations. While princesses are awesome, there are a lot more amazing and realistic things for young girls to aspire to be. Aside from Disney, Kate Middleton is likely the only princess that little girls have ever heard of, so showing them other women who have actually done amazing things for the world gives them more to dream about.

We Love Friday! – Halloween Highlights

Trick or treat! Are you sick of Halloween candy yet? Although every retail store has swept Halloween under the rug as they gear up for Christmas, we wanted to give it a fond farewell by posting some highlights. We searched Instagram to bring you this collection of imaginative pumpkin designs and adorable trick or treaters to capture the family fun essence of this amusing holiday. According to Conan O’Brien, “This Halloween, the most popular mask [was] the Arnold Schwarzenegger mask. And the best part? With a mouth full of candy you will sound just like him.”

Pumpktris: When Carving Pumpkins and Tetris Collide

If you’re a creative, writing down all your crazy ideas and revisiting them later can spark some truly interesting and wonderful inventions. One of those awesome ideas Nathan from Hahabird had was to take a pumpkin and turn it into the classic video game Tetris. The combination of carving pumpkins and Tetris collide and turn into the fully realized Pumpktris! Fully playable, embedded in a pumpkin, and with the stem serving as a controller.

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