A Matrix-Style Photo Booth Comes to Los Angeles and New York


Qualcomm recently decided to go Matrix on Venice California and New York City, boasting about their powerful new Snapdragon 600 processors by creating a one-of-a-kind 540° bullet time photo booth using 130 HTC One smart phones. Yeah, your standard photo booth has nothing on this.

We Love Friday!- Hadouken Craze


Remember planking and owling? Those memes are long gone. The newest craze is Hadoukening! The photo fad started in Japan and has quickly spread throughout the world. Based on the smooth battle moves of Ken, Ryu, & Sakura in the Street Fighters game, Hadoukening involves sending opponents flying through the air with a surge of spirit energy! We searched Instagram to bring you some of our favorite Hadouken-ers! Try it yourself this weekend because like most trends, the hype will not last long!