States with the Most Mass Shootings

On Thursday, July 23, a man walked into a movie theatre in Lafayette, Lousiana, and opened fire. He killed 2 movie-goers, and another 7 people were injured in the event. Tragically, this is yet another mass shooting in America—now a semi-regular occurrence.

A mass shooting is defined as, “when four or more people are shot in an event, or related series of events.” By this definition, 40 of the 50 U.S. states have already experienced a mass shooting in 2015. To put that into perspective, according to USA Today, mass shootings happen about every two weeks in America.

Our hearts go out to the victims of this incident and the many gun-related tragedies that have occurred.

Check out USA Today’s in-depth look at this troubling phenomenon to get a deeper understanding.

1 in 3 Americans Lives With a Gun, But That’s the Lowest Rate in 40 Years

The number of Americans who have a gun in their household is at the lowest rate ever. According to the NORC’s General Social Survey, 32% of Americans either own a gun themselves or live with someone who does. That’s down from the 1970s and 1980s when nearly half of the country lived with a gun.

Concealed: Images of Texas Women with Their Guns

Loaded handguns can go off accidentally. When in a bag, they can rub against other objects which may deactivate the safety and even fire a bullet. In Houston, Texas a few years back, that exact scenario occurred at a women’s hair salon when a patrons gun went off in her purse.

My First Rifle: Photos of Kids and Their Guns

For much of the western world, owning a gun is near unthinkable… let alone giving one to your young child. That’s part of what prompted Dutch photographer An-Sofie Kesteleyn to jump on a plane for America, just one month after seeing the tragic story of a 5-year old boy in Kentucky who killed his 2-year old sister with a practice rifle (an event which was deemed an accident).

The Worlds First 3D Printed Metal Handgun Makes Its Debut

worlds-first-3d-printed-metal-gun 1

Earlier this year 3D printed guns made quite a stir. First came the Liberator, a gun made almost completely in ABS plastic using 3D printing and an easily downloadable file. Now comes something that blows that gun away – a complete, 3D printed metal gun that has been fired over 600 times to date… and it’s modeled exactly after an iconic 1911 handgun design.

From Guns to Drums: The Disarm Project Creates Mechanized Musical Instruments from Dangerous Weapons

Disarm - Pedro Reyes 5

Pedro Reyes is taking a notoriously dangerous element in his country – guns – and transforming them into musical instruments programmed to play surprisingly catchy music. In doing so, the Mexico City native is subverting the original purpose for these weapons, taking something that could have taken life, and instead enhancing lives through musical creativity. He calls his project Disarm.

Cakes and Guns? Dangerously Tasty!

Scott Hove Guns and Ecstasy 1

If you thought our article earlier this week with guns and porcelain was an odd combination… how about guns and cake? San Francisco artist Scott Hove has been making unusual cake based sculptures as part of his Cakeland series since back in 2005. From high heels to taxidermy, he has given the fantastic frosting-coated treatment to a diverse range of subjects – even including entire art spaces. Now, for his show “Guns and Ecstasy,” Hove has turned his talents toward firearms and in particular assault rifles. It’s an appropriate topic as the debate on gun legality continues to rage in the US after a shocking amount of recent school shootings.

Thumbs Up! Famous Films Without the Guns

Thumbs and Ammo 15

Sometimes in life, all it takes is removing one key ingredient to change the message… in fact, it sometimes completely reverses the original meaning. That’s the case in these great movie still remixes from the blog Thumbs and Ammo, where we are given a collection of shoot’em up moments with one element removed: the guns. Suddenly tough guys like Al Pacino’s Tony Montana in Scarface don’t look so tough… he’s just enthusiastically giving a thumbs-up.

Decommissioned AK 47 Rifles Become Symbols of Peace

Twenty-three artists have transformed twenty-three AK 47 assault rifles into beautiful artworks for an inspiring exhibition called AKA Peace. The Peace One Day organization funds itself through projects like this and has worked with the United Nations to declare a global day of peace on September 21st every year. Peace One Day gives us hope; if everyone can put down their weapons for one day, why not one month or one year? Their latest project is called Global Truce 2013.

Guns N’ Roses – Underwater Shots Become Flowers

The only thing more cool than seeing a gun shot underwater is the beautiful, flower shaped jacketed hollow point bullets that result. Firearm expert Andrew Tuohy provides both on his website, Vuurwapen Blog. The blog is named after the Dutch word for firearm and is intended to be the best source of the highest quality firearm reviews on the internet.