From Guns to Drums: The Disarm Project Creates Mechanized Musical Instruments from Dangerous Weapons

Disarm - Pedro Reyes 5

Pedro Reyes is taking a notoriously dangerous element in his country – guns – and transforming them into musical instruments programmed to play surprisingly catchy music. In doing so, the Mexico City native is subverting the original purpose for these weapons, taking something that could have taken life, and instead enhancing lives through musical creativity. He calls his project Disarm.

Cakes and Guns? Dangerously Tasty!

Scott Hove Guns and Ecstasy 1

If you thought our article earlier this week with guns and porcelain was an odd combination… how about guns and cake? San Francisco artist Scott Hove has been making unusual cake based sculptures as part of his Cakeland series since back in 2005. From high heels to taxidermy, he has given the fantastic frosting-coated treatment to a diverse range of subjects – even including entire art spaces. Now, for his show “Guns and Ecstasy,” Hove has turned his talents toward firearms and in particular assault rifles. It’s an appropriate topic as the debate on gun legality continues to rage in the US after a shocking amount of recent school shootings.

Little Correlation Between Gaming & Gun Violence?

Video games and gun violence Washington Post 4

With the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, people in their shock are inevitably asking: “why?” Why did such a horrible event happen? What triggered a young boy to cause such harm to other children? Invariably the fingers begin to point towards, among other things: access to guns, mental illness, family troubles, isolation and, inevitably, playing violent video games. This last potential culprit has become a standard for those looking to find answers on why these awful events continue to happen, mainly in the US. The Washington Post recently produced a series of graphics, however, that cast serious doubt on the connection between playing video games and gun murders.

Fear.Less: Art On South African Violence

South Africa is known for having more than its fair share of violent crime. Now, two artists from the country have teamed up to make some art on the subject that really stands out. They have taken a selection of modern weapons and objects used in the violence afflicting the country and playfully removed their violent nature, re-contextualizing them as they allow viewers to re-evaluate the place those objects hold in their everyday lives.

Political Assassinations in the 21st Century

Assassination is defined as “murdering a usually prominent person by sudden or secret attack often for political reasons.” As this graphic clearly shows, the dawning 21st century is hardly immune from this violent means of influence, tactics being everything from gun violence to radioactive poisoning. Illustrating some notable murders since the year 2000, this map also highlights countries that have seen political assassination as an annual event.
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