Shred Again: Old Skateboards Become Electric Guitars

Skate Guitar header

After the invention of the electric guitar in the 1940s and the skateboard in the 1950s, it was simply inevitable that somebody would combine the two classic instruments of shredding. Now Buenos Aires based duo, Ezequiel Galasso and Gianfranco de Gennaro have created Skate Guitar – a project which recycles old skate decks into something ready to soar again… at least in a musical sense.

The Sweetest Gift: A Dollhouse Built Inside of a Guitar


As a gift for her daughter Cathryn’s 25th birthday, Australian miniature maker Lorraine of Fairy Meadow Miniatures created a heartfelt dollhouse filled with her favorite things. According to the mother, her daughter “is a music and travel buff and just about to start a new episode in her life and attend Flinders University.” To highlight Cathryn’s love of music, the dollhouse was constructed inside of a guitar and the wallpaper in the rooms has little music notes. If you look closely, you will see there are 2 miniature guitars in the rooms, a flute, and lots of CDs. There are little maps and atlases scattered about, some classic books, family pictures, and the screensaver on the computer is the home screen of Flinders University Psychology Department.

Drawing On Guitars With a Permanent Marker

Oh the power of the permanent marker… when nothing else is at hand, there always seems to be one of these broad tip pens within reach. Whether used for business, tagging the walls of a bathroom stall or creating beautiful artwork, these magical pens create a lasting and distinct fat, black line. Patrick Fisher is creating some very fine art using the pens, and he’s using guitars as his canvas.

The Beauty of Craftsmanship

Did you ever wonder how a good guitar is made? This amazing film brings “how it’s made” to a whole new level of beauty and art. In just 3 minutes the film covers a process that takes 299 hours by master guitar maker Vassilis Lazarides, who claims that “the act of instrument crafting is a great way to deal with the reality.” Motion graphics show the process, the measurements, the thought process and the sheer dedication to detail needed to complete the construction of a hand made Flamenco. Accompanied by the fantastic flamenco music of Dutch guitar virtuoso and composer Edsart udo De Haes, this film keeps the spirit of process alive with an excellent sound track.