Guerrilla Designers Create Elaborate Quote Art on Chalkboards

The Columbus College of Art and Design has a vandal on the loose. The guerrilla chalk art duo called #DangerDust has been commandeering classroom chalkboards in secret and creating detailed artworks of typography and design. Their creations feature inspirational quotes by famous figures. The two anonymous students plan, sketch, and execute their chalk art and, in true guerrilla style, leave the board balancing on chairs in the classroom for a Monday morning surprise.

Homeless Children as Art

Art isn’t always about being beautiful and pleasing to the eye, often it’s made to stirs your heart, and evoke emotion like this European street art does. Featured here are several haunting images of people, including young children, who appear to be homeless in Paris, Rome, Austria, and London.

Artist Michael Aaron Williams tapes his images to various places around the world where they are sure to be seen, in some instances adding additional props such as 3D rose petals to attract more attention.