It’s Official: London Is Getting Thomas Heatherwick’s £175 Million Garden Bridge

London has no shortage of iconic bridges, but it’s now getting one that could top them all. Approved this morning by Westminster Council, Thomas Heatherwick’s design for the fantastic £175 million ‘Garden Bridge’ will cross the River Thames between Temple Station and the South Bank. After construction it will provide a lush green escape from the bustling city, suspended high above the river’s waters. It will also earn the distinction of being the “most expensive footbridge in the world.”

Sustainable “Tea Bus” sets off on worldwide journey


When Guisepi Spadafora was temporarily living and working out of his truck in Hollywood, he didn’t know that the simple idea of sharing his food and tea at the end of the day would turn into a life calling. What he discovered was that in the midst of a hectic atmosphere on Hollywood Boulevard, there was suddenly an instant community created. Many people came together from diverse backgrounds and, through the act of serving tea freely, they shared life for a short moment. Thus, the “Free Tea Party” had begun.

A Lush Suspended Field Demonstrates the Cycles of Life

Think of it as a trampoline which grows a verdant carpet of plant life. Floating well above the floor a net of fabric springs to life in the form of bright green sprouts. The piece allows viewers to interact with the space, climbing up through manhole like openings in the fabric, poking their heads into its green rolling landscape and climbing onto its springy surface.

Crosswalk Promotes Walking with Green Footprints

How do you promote the benefits of walking versus driving to people? In the case of this beautiful design from China, the answer was footprints. Using a street-wide canvas printed with the image of a leafless tree, pedestrians acted as the creators life, giving the tree leaves as they walked over the image. Large foam pads soaked with environmentally friendly, quick drying paint were placed at the streets edge. As passerby crossed the street their footprints left the image of a fully leafed and healthy tree – a symbol of healthy air and a clean environment.

Off the Grid: People Who Have Left Technology Behind

It’s strange to write this on the internet, the forefront of all things technological and modern… but some people are deciding to leave it all behind. For various reasons — from seeing the effects of modern society on the natural world, to the way people are increasingly connected to electronic devices, or the way the rat race of consumerism envelops the fabric of our communities — a number of people are choosing to live a more ‘down to earth’ existence, getting them in touch with the land in older, now forgotten ways.

How Much Does Solar Cost in Your State?

Solar is a great way to get yourself free from the power grid and take control of your own energy generation, while also helping to drastically lower your impact on the environment. Solar panels last a long time too, once you’ve installed them, they often provide reliable power for well over 20 years, silently generating electricity with little to no maintenance. Sounds great! So why are people slow to implement this fantastic technology? The initial cost of solar is sometimes prohibitive for families, especially if their energy needs are high. This graphic by One Block Off the Grid, uses over 45,000 results from their online solar cost estimation tool to show what you can expect, on average, in your state.

Intricate Animals Made From Lost Hubcaps

If you drive at all, and I mean AT ALL, you’ve probably seen hundreds of hubcaps laying on the sides of roads and highways. These round disks serve no other purpose than providing a little clean aesthetics to low-cost wheels, and they seem to find any excuse to jump off their spinning counterparts. Because they’re of little value as a single disk, hubcaps are intrinsically worthless as soon as they stop their escapist roll under some roadside bush.

15,000 Square Foot Urban Farm Goes Portable

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and busting New York City traffic is a mobile, 15,000 square foot urban farm, called Riverpark Farm. Born through ideas of sustainability and more portable approaches to urban farming, Riverpark Farms partnered with Alexandria Center for Life Science and Riverpark restaurant to create one of the largest urban farms in New York City. The unique farm is located on the future site of Alexandria Center’s west tower. With the downed economy, building on the site has been suspended, leaving the lot a perfect place to create an urban farm.

Freight Farms: Grow Fresh Food In Any Environment

At the moment we face a food dilemma in western cultures: a society accustomed to the all-year availability of fresh produce and the rising cost of transport, both environmental and financial. Much of our fresh produce, especially in colder climates like the eastern United States, comes from far off places like southern California and Chile, traveling many freight miles before it reaches the market and finally our tables; but is there a better option for getting fresh cucumbers, peppers and lettuce in the winter?

How Collaborative Sharing Can Make You Money

During these unstable economic times many people are realizing that they have far more “stuff” in their life than they actually need or regularly use. This beautiful graphic from the forward thinking folks at Collaborative Fund, looks at the many ways we can take those items and share them with our community… even making good money on them in the process!