Charis Tsevis: Beautiful Obama Posters from Greece

It’s been a massively challenging election year, with plenty of twists, turns and mud thrown along the way. Now with Obama in the White House for another 4 years, his supporters are still celebrating the victory… but it isn’t just Americans who are doing the rejoicing, or who helped him stay in power. A large portion of the world population supported Obama this election, with people from Africa to Europe hoping for his re-election. Greek graphic designer Charis Tsevis was one of these people.

The Whimsical Illustrations of Christina Tsevis

Today we bring you a sampling of the wonderful, whimsical world of illustration as created by Christina Tsevis, AKA crosti. Based in Athens, Greece, Christina is a freelance visual artist who draws her inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences ranging from love lost, to pop music, to cultural traditions, to Spanish poetry. While on the surface her work often appears light-hearted, it is often bittersweet, drawing the viewer in and provoking insightful thought. We feel very honored to feature such a talented individuals work.

Our man Paul met up briefly with Christina via skype for a quick, on-the-fly interview about the illustrations below and posted it on his personal video blog. Paul has known Christina’s brother for a number of years and we’ve posted in the past about his amazing Neofuturistic Vector illustrations.