Stunningly Intricate Illustrations Of Animals And People Made Of Hundreds Of Wires

Charis Tsevis has done it again with a wonderful ‘wired’ series to symbolize the relationship between the network and the human body and spirit. Fascinated by the wired world we all live in, Tsevis created large scale illustrations of people, animals and brains, and if you look closely, they’re composed entirely of individual wires.

10 Famous World Locations… Zoomed Out

Great Pyramids of Giza 2

We’ve all seen the postcards. Picturesque scenes from around the world highlighting many of the “7 wonders” in all their glory… it all looks so incredible. But what if you step back a few thousand steps? Redditor thepobv recently pulled together a truly eye-opening collection of images from many of the worlds most famous sites… then added images from far back off the tourist trail. The results are enlightening.

Visual Bits #369> A Colorful Time: Vintage & Retro

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Charis Tsevis: Beautiful Obama Posters from Greece

It’s been a massively challenging election year, with plenty of twists, turns and mud thrown along the way. Now with Obama in the White House for another 4 years, his supporters are still celebrating the victory… but it isn’t just Americans who are doing the rejoicing, or who helped him stay in power. A large portion of the world population supported Obama this election, with people from Africa to Europe hoping for his re-election. Greek graphic designer Charis Tsevis was one of these people.

Dreyk the Pirate: a Unique Graffiti Artist

Walking the streets of Athens, one encounters many different graffiti styles: from badly written declarations of everlasting devotion to a sports team or political leaning, to sworn love confessions and small stencils. Sadly, it seems that everyone qualifies as a graffiti “artist”, given that they have enough money to buy a marker or spray paint. Few emerge from this scene displaying a distinctive style and adorning athenian walls with something that truly makes our city more beautiful. One of the exceptions is Dreyk the Pirate.

Everything Will Be Ok In The End, and If Not, It’s Not the End. A Shout Out from our Newest Writer!

no boogieman under my bed-just a couple in my head

Picasso said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Indeed, many of us who are in the art field find ourselves here because as children we continued to paint when others stopped. Perhaps some parents tried to dissuade us — even prohibit the occupation we chose — in order to follow something more… ”serious”. Others more fortunate, had the support of family who, recognizing our passion, prompted to us to follow the profession that we now practice.

Most of us working as designers, have the blessing of being able to say we turned our hobby into a profession. We say that very often, but how conscious are we of that in our daily lives?

The Whimsical Illustrations of Christina Tsevis

Today we bring you a sampling of the wonderful, whimsical world of illustration as created by Christina Tsevis, AKA crosti. Based in Athens, Greece, Christina is a freelance visual artist who draws her inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences ranging from love lost, to pop music, to cultural traditions, to Spanish poetry. While on the surface her work often appears light-hearted, it is often bittersweet, drawing the viewer in and provoking insightful thought. We feel very honored to feature such a talented individuals work.

Our man Paul met up briefly with Christina via skype for a quick, on-the-fly interview about the illustrations below and posted it on his personal video blog. Paul has known Christina’s brother for a number of years and we’ve posted in the past about his amazing Neofuturistic Vector illustrations.