Star Wars Travel Posters in the Style of the WPA

Steven Thomas Star Wars Posters 5

Back in the late 30s and early 40s the US Government spent an unprecedented amount of money furthering the arts as an effort to boost the economy during the Great Depression. Out of the Federal Arts Project branch of the Works Progress Administration came some of the most beautiful posters ever created for our National and State Parks, screen printed in the art deco stylings of the day. Now, Steven Thomas is channeling that gloriously creative time, creating travel posters for the famed Star Wars galaxy.

In the Height of the Depression: Vanity Fair Magazine

Today, as we in the US find ourselves in similar circumstances to the 1930’s Great Depression, thoughts of that bygone era rise again and beg us to look at the problems and solutions of that time. Vanity Fair, a magazine which has done much to comment on the worlds art and culture, did a superb job of illustrating the situation of the day. Such key players as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover play prominently on the magazines cover, which cleverly commented on the huge issues the nation faced.

Wealth disparity, one of the key factors attributed to the great depression and something the government worked hard to balance, is something the US now faces in an even greater percentage. For an insightful look at the current state of the country and who holds it’s wealth, see the interesting Al Jazeera English documentary ‘Fault Lines: The Top 1%‘.