2011: A Look Back at The Year in Kickstarter

Kickstarter is officially a phenomenon! From funding civic projects like turning derilict New York lots into urban farms, to creative ventures like turning Michigan’s Rabbit Island into an Artists Residency or launching an inexpensive tool for shooting smooth video pans, the funding powerhouse is quickly revolutionizing the way we see grass roots projects come into reality… and no wonder: is there anything more exciting than being directly connected to making well thought out, world changing projects come to life and getting something back in return??

Help Train 300 Destitute Kenyan Girls For Self-Reliance

Want to make a real difference this holiday season? Seed of Hope, a Kenya based humanitarian group has a really amazing grass-roots project that is greatly effecting the lives of hundreds. What’s the challenge? As much as 80% of teenage girls in Kenya never have the opportunity to attend secondary school. Because of this lack of education, their life options growing up are severely limited and they often find themselves pressured into high-risk ways of survival, from child marriage to prostitution. Their lives all too frequently include great human abuses, extreme poverty and hunger. This problem not only effects their lives, but the community fabric as a whole.

That’s where Seed of Hope is coming to the rescue. This straight forward organization is educating girls, giving them the knowledge they need to strike out on their own, helping themselves while also providing support for their families and community.