Hyper-Realistic Pencil Portraits of People Looking At Themselves in the Mirror

Heikki Leis- 1

We all have a special “mirror face”- the way we look at ourselves when we’re staring back at our reflection. For some it’s a critical eye scanning for every flaw, for others it’s a satisified “looking good!” but while we’re doing something in the mirror, it seems many of us make the same faces. Estonian artist Heikki Leis has captured these mirror moments perfectly with his pencil drawings called Everyday Reflections. He includes the relaxed, pouty ‘putting on make-up face,’ the squinched ‘popping a chin pimple face,’ the brace for pain ‘plucking eyebrows face,’ and of course the side-smooched, ‘tighten the cheek for shaving face.’ The graphite drawings feature everyday Estonians, but the faces for each mirror activity are universally human.

Carved Graphite: Miniature Pencil Sculptures


Inspired by the original pencil sculptor, Dalton M. Ghetti, a Hungarian artist who goes by the name Cerkahegzyo on DeviantART has created some amazing copycat pieces along with some of his own innovations. Using razorblades, needles, and thread, he creates miniature objects in the graphite of pencils after filing away the wooden casing. From keys to chain links, coils, monsters and more it seems he will never run out of ideas.

Celebrity Tattoo Artist Decorates Ostrich Eggs

From skin to tortillas to money to leather to ostrich egg shells, tattoo artist Scott Campbell has had no trouble coming up with creative mediums for his art. Last year we posted about his laser cut stacks of money which sold out during his show at the OHWOW Gallery in San Francisco. His new collection of graphite illustrations in ostrich egg shells share the same dark aesthetic as his tattoos. Morbid skeletons, snakes, insects and flowers seem to hatch right out of the “fragile surfaces that represent birth and transformation [to] point out the delicacy of opposition.” The collection of shells was shown in his West Coast debut of Noblesse Oblige; the title meaning that life should be conducted in accordance to one’s position of nobility, Campbell’s being tattoo artistry.

Martine Johanna: Dark Wanderer Sliding Into Dreams

Martine Johanna hails from a land filled with tulips, windmills, bicycles and canals. She is a Dutch born artist who was raised in the green heart of the Netherlands and now lives and works in Amsterdam. Her paintings and illustrations have an eerie, dream like feel to them. Hooded figures hide devilishly sexy bodies and trample through the woods, coming out on the other end with cosmic triangles adorning their faces, lush foliage caressing their backs, and snakes.

Peaceful Illustrations With a Sharp Edge

There is something serenely quiet and peaceful about these brushed-on graphite drawings. Maybe it’s the way their simple, yet carefully chosen subjects are arranged: floating in a field of white canvas… or maybe it’s the way the objects are rendered with such a subtle, muted pallet. While the drawings mostly lack strong visual contrasts, sharp objects like scissors, rose thorns and potentially painful bee stings give many of the images an unusual quality of visual softness with a subjectively sharp edge. It’s beautiful, and at the same time, slightly un-nerving.

Lasers create slice of energy storage

Transforming graphite oxide (GO) into a full-fledged supercapacitor turns out to be a simple process, but until recently, was anything but obvious. Scientists already knew that the heat of a laser could convert GO—the oxidized form of graphite, or carbon-based pencil lead—into electrically conducting reduced graphite oxide (RGO).

Pencil Portraits Bring Celebrities to Life

Randy Atwood makes picture perfect drawings of his favorite celebrities with detail that could jump off the page. Working most frequently with graphite pencil, this 21 year old is offering a great low price for commissioned works on 11 by 14 paper. Is it time for your own celebrity treatment?