Paper-Based 3D Infographics: Pattern Is Crucial

Pattern Matters is a graphic design-based project that seeks to inspire designers to look at pattern from a variety of different angles. The project is a collection of hand-made 3D infographics which look at different ways to amplify the role of pattern in design and encourage tactile exploration. The main focus of the project is is to demonstrate that pattern is a crucial element in graphic design, and not merely a decorating tool.

Visual Bits #47 > The Creative Adult

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Vintage Design With a Swiss Touch

Born in 1919, Swiss designer Max Huber took to graphic design early in life, studying under such notables as Walter Roshardt and Alfred Willimann when he was just 17. He received his first job in Milan when he was 21, getting the attention of his future boss, Antonio Boggeri with his precicely hand-drawn calling card. Working frequently as a freelance designer, Huber enjoyed experimentation and would often do so even on client work. Much of his work combined un-framed photographic elements with exploritory typographical details, using bold linear splashes of color to give his images a sense of speed.

“He was a splendid mix; he had irrepressible natural talent and a faultless drawing hand; he possessed the lively candour of the eternal child; he was a true product of the Swiss School; he loved innovatory research; he boasted a lively curiosity, being quick to latch on – not without irony – to the most unpredictable ideas, and he worked with the serious precision of the first-rate professional.”
– Giampiero Bosoni

Drawing on World Issues: These Make You Think

Using satire and colored pencil to deal with tough and poignant issues, Polish artist/cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski works with global issues like pollution, child labor and wage disparity while turning a clever and humorous eye on the situation. By taking familiar issues out of context, his works ask the observer to re-examine world issues from previously un-considered perspectives, challenging viewers to assess their part in the whole. For more of Kuczynski’s artwork or to buy prints, head to

Revealed: A First View Inside HIV

Peering into a mysterious and tiny world for the first time, a team from Visual Science has given us a new and revealing look inside HIV. Lead by Ivan Konstantinov, the group has built the most detailed 3D model of the virus to date. To create the image, the team consulted over 100 leading science journals and then reconstructed viral proteins from x-ray images. With this information in hand, their team of 3D graphics designers were able to create an accurate and detailed image in about 3 months.

The Making of Tron: Legacy

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Light Cycle, this clip will show you how they’re made! Bringing you behind the scenes images from the completely action packed Tron: Legacy, this short brings to light the many layers of creativity beneath the digital world of the “grid.”

The Soviets Invent Photoshop Circa 1987

Here’s just one example of why the Russians may be secretly far more advanced than the west. Three years before Photoshop 1.0 was released, computer engineers in the USSR were already retouching photographs using some surprisingly advanced technology. This video shows how the Soviets went about retouching damaged images through the use of rotary scanners, magnetic tape, and trackballs. Superb music, comrade!