The Bold Art of the European Tour Bus

Often looking like a mix between color field paintings and some pretty rad late 80s skater art, the sides of european tour busses are a vastly under-appreciated art form. Photographer Taylor Holland has been working to change that, capturing the rolling canvas’ during his Paris bicycle commute in ways that put the art clearly and boldly in our focus. His shots crop out the main mechanics of the busses, leaving little but colorful hubcaps and vents to clue us into the origin of the striking graphics. What is left are bright patterns worthy of far more than the passing glances that they get rolling the streets… and that was just his intention.

Republicans vs. Democrats: Who Rallies for Science?

For years, science has helped humans make sense of the world around them. In their endless toil to understand our world, scientists have come up with simple innovations to make life easier, complex ones to get us from point A to B, insanely advanced discoveries which have led to putting a man on the moon, and miraculous ones that have saved humanity from previously incurable diseases. However, not everyone is convinced of the value that science brings to humanity.

Airbnb’s Global Growth: Visualizing The Journey

Few new businesses have been received with as much excitement as the world-wide private accommodation renting Airbnb… and no wonder, the site has literally exploded with activity in the last two years. This absolutely gorgeous new graphic by design whiz Kelli Anderson, looks at the growth of the massively successful company, which now allows you to rent over 19,000 exciting locations in 192 countries. If this doesn’t give you the travel bug, nothing will.

A Visual Compendium of Hollywood Haircuts

From Gone With The Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara to Fight Clubs Tyler Durden, this visual history of Hollywood hairstyles captures 132 iconic looks that have graced the silver screen. This poster, available through Pop Chart Lab, purveyer of all things 2D, is an interesting if not inspiring look at movie history. See another of their hairstyle posters, this time musically themed, here.

Landmarques: Famous Locations From Around The World

Ditching some of the popular minimalist trend, graphic studio Design By House has taken famous landmarks and recreated them in many hued bands of color. “Having become interested in the stories behind some of the world’s great landmarks we began to explore ways of expressing their iconic nature without succumbing to the silhouette.” They call the unique series ‘Landmarques’ and produced each piece through a process that involves layering colors and shapes until you recognize the famous location. You can purchase the posters at

Paper Dolls From Your Favorite Television Shows

These spot-on paper dolls characters from hit TV shows really bring back the memories… I mean, who could forget Gob’s 3, 4, $5000 dollar suit from Arrested Development. Come on! Kyle Hilton, a talented illustrator from Jackson, Mississippi has been creating a new paper doll based on his favorite TV characters each week. Due to his increasing popularity, he’s even been asked to create a series of dolls based on the show Breaking Bad. See the complete series here.

Word: The Bible Summarized by Design

Jim Lepage had been reading his bible on and off for most of his life… the problem was, he didn’t always want to read it. Looking for motivation to encourage his spiritual practice, he decided to combine something he loved, design, with the challenge of reading the text more often. He set down a goal to create one image a week based on what he found entertaining and meaningful in each of the bibles many books… and so far he’s kept the creativity flowing. For anyone familiar with the ancient stories, his simple images go a long way to summarize the general story of each book. See more of his project ‘Word’ at

Clean Design = Recycling For A Better Future

We really like the clean design and presentation of this new full wall infographic created to inform UK youth about the benefits of recycling and the results of waste creation. The mix of appropriately reusable 2 meter high wood panels with the clean, futuristic graphics detailing facts about energy use really sets it apart. We like the idea of good design making a difference.

What Do We Eat? Liberals vs. Conservatives

Ok liberals and conservatives, which would you prefer: a shot of wheatgrass or whiskey? This intriging graphic put together using the vast amount of cultural data collected by Hunch, the personalized recommendation site, looks at what self-described liberals and conservatives prefer to find on their plate. Do the cultural stereotypes about politics and food choices hold true? What about the people in the middle ground? Find it all out here, straight from the diners mouth:

Beautiful Visualizations Rethink Our World

Michæl Paukner’s graphic design and illustration is the kind that doesn’t give it’s answers easily — and that’s what makes it so special. He often uses data visualization to communicate surprising, unseen facts about the world we live in and almost always with a creative re-envisioning of the way that data has been traditionally viewed.