Forget Hiking! Google Maps Hits the Grand Canyon

Google Maps Grand Canyon Header

Spoiler Alert… for anyone who wants to be surprised by natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, don’t look at this! Google announced today that it has gotten into the hiking game… and they’re making it a lot easier for those who would rather go there by armchair. Today they released an extensive trail based tour the majestic Grand Canyon. Just like Google Street View, you can now cruise down over 75 miles of trails including the famous Bright Angel and Kaibab Trail. It’s a far sight easier than pulling on those old hiking boots.

There Are Still Places to Pioneer – Just Not Very Many

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Humans have made it to the north pole, the south pole, to the moon, to the bottom of the sea, to the top of Mt. Everest — it would seem that there are not too many places left to be pioneered. The Grand Canyon, being one of the most well known monuments on the planet, would be the last place you might imagine unexplored canyons. Most of the Grand Canyon is associated with seeing the incredible views of its grandeur, but it is the narrow slot canyons that make up the intricate pathways of the water making its way into the giant canyon and river below. The final line in the trailer below suggests that John Wesley Powell first discovered the Grand Canyon 142 years ago, but there are still places there where no human has ever been.