Street Art Moves to the Water in North Wales


With the motto, “Your ship looked like $H!# so we painted it!” international street art collective DuDug brightened up the cruise liner, the Duke of Lancaster, which has been sitting in the same spot collecting rust since 1979. Latvian graffiti artist KIWIE was hired by DuDug to create these pirates to protest The Council who has made it impossible, with unjust excuses, for the owners to transform the ship into a fun ship. Over time more art has been added to the hull and the once rusted eye sore is becoming more vibrant and beautiful. The latest plan is to transform the ship into the largest open air art gallery in the UK.

Visual Bits #368> Don’t Be A Chicken: Street Art

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ON THE ROAD – Graffiti in Vagrancy

1 On The Road China

A new documentary, supported by Converse, follows 3 Chinese graffiti artists as they travel from Kummig in Southwest China all the way to Tibet for 50 days straight. Along their 1,200 mile journey, WHYYY, NAN, and SINIC (AKA the IDT Crew) leave a trail of beautiful spray painted murals on various surfaces, tending to choose areas that are unwanted or abandoned. Many people try to stop them, telling them it doesn’t look pretty. Some think they just want to scribble, but their art is more than that. They have injected their own feelings and ideas into the graffiti culture, much like the poets in generations past have painted their poems for all to see.

Visual Bits #333 > Complimenting The Streets

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Visual Bits #317 > Urban Life Painted On The Streets

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Transforming the City: SpY’s Urban Interventions

Here on Visual News we’ve covered artwork which seemingly transforms the urban environment, from digital reworking to finely crafted models these scenes create surreal scenes which demand a bit of exploration to make sense of… or realize they just don’t make sense. Madrid based street artist SpY does something all of these examples neglect: he does it for real.

One Tasty Wall: Cake Icing Used to Make Street Art

Just when you thought you’d seen all the mediums possible for street art (from chalk to yarn), here comes an artist creating fascinating work with cake frosting. Shelley Miller, a Montreal based artist, has been creating some highly detailed murals around the city which at first and even second glance appear to be made from victorian era blue and white tile.

Visual Bits #299 > In The Hands Of Muralists

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Visual Bits #278> Most About Banksy

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Visual Bits #270> Mural, Mural On The Wall

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