Stunning Spray Paint Portraits- No Brushes, No Stencils

1 David Walker

Without the aid of brushes or stencils, David Walker has achieved an incredible level of realism in his freehand spray paintings. With abstract strokes and numerous layers, he has created a unique style of portraiture that has the energy and vibrance of street art with an extraordinary photorealistic quality. The London-based artist has exhibited his work all over the UK, other parts of Europe, Asia, and the US in shows with some of the top street artists in the world.

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Graffiti Inspired Portrait Paintings by Rowan Newton

Rowan Newton 1

With vibrant color splashes, drips, and splotches, Rowan Newton creates paintings as gorgeous as they are colorful. The UK-based artist has been drawn to street art since he was a young boy growing up in the city of Brixton. Much like graffiti artists transform unlikely spaces into art, he likes to use wood or cardboard as the canvas for his paintings, and stylizes them in a similar fashion.

Walls that Speak: Street Art in Lebanon

Lebanon Street Art 0

In the politically charged regions of Lebanon come new messages from local street artists. All over the country, spray painted propaganda symbols of religions and political parties are found on the walls. They signal to others that one district is Shia, while the other Christian. They show if a building supports Hezbollah or the Communist party. After a while, it just becomes commonplace to the people – but to some local graphic designers and street artists, the walls needed a little “touch up.”

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Street Art Moves to the Water in North Wales


With the motto, “Your ship looked like $H!# so we painted it!” international street art collective DuDug brightened up the cruise liner, the Duke of Lancaster, which has been sitting in the same spot collecting rust since 1979. Latvian graffiti artist KIWIE was hired by DuDug to create these pirates to protest The Council who has made it impossible, with unjust excuses, for the owners to transform the ship into a fun ship. Over time more art has been added to the hull and the once rusted eye sore is becoming more vibrant and beautiful. The latest plan is to transform the ship into the largest open air art gallery in the UK.

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