Artist Bogi Fabian Creates Hidden Bedroom Murals Using Glowing UV Paints

If you think a few glowing stars on your ceiling are impressive, just get a look at these insane bedroom murals from Hungarian-born, Vienna-based artist Bogi Fabian. Many of her creations look like completely normal bedrooms until you flip on a black light. Suddenly you’re floating in the middle of open space, surrounded by glowing stars and cosmic clouds. In another room, waterfalls leap from the walls as if you’re out walking on a moon-lit night. Fabian uses UV paint to fill the room with hidden mural work, often working for long hours in black light to see what she is creating.

We Are All Made of Stars: Gorgeous Black Light Photography

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff,” said Carl Sagan in Cosmos. Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina brings this quote to life with this beautiful conceptual series we are all made of stars. Using body paint, glitter, and black light, her subjects appear to be made up of stars. Also into retouching and cinemagraphs, Khoroshovina used a Canon 6d/50mm 1.4 for this series but also owns some vintage zenit cameras with a bunch of helios lenses.

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A Glowing Surprise: Day and Night Poster

The freaks come out at night in this poster! Jason Dean of The Best Part has created one glowing example of a design: Day and Night is a print with an innocent side when the lights are on and a darker one when the lights go out. The hidden glow-in-the-dark ink changes the tame cityscape into a world of crime, sex and zombies with the flick of your light switch. While the current printing is sold out, Dean promises new versions in the near future, so keep checking over at The Best Part to see what’s up