X-Ray Peeks at X-mas Gifts

hugh-turvey 1

No matter how much you shake, rattle, and size-up your presents this holiday season, sometimes you still can’t figure out what’s inside. But with an X-ray view, there is no mistaking what lies beneath that festive wrapping paper and bow! X-ray Artist Hugh Tuvey from the British Institute of Radiology took radiographed pictures of wrapped up Christmas packages to reveal the secrets inside.

Valentine’s Day: By the Numbers

With its roots dating back to the Ancient Roman fertility festival, Lupercalia, and the 400 A.D. Saint Valentine martyrs, Valentine’s Day has come a long way. Valentine’s Day has become one of the most romantic days of the year, if not the most financially driven, with couples in the United States showering their loved ones with flowers, gifts, chocolates, cards, dinners, and sparkling wine.