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Is This the Future of Movie Posters?

Sunday 05.18.2014 , Posted by

What if every advertisement you saw jumped to life and let you interact? That’s certainly not a new idea – and plenty of malls now have large digital screens featuring moving ads – but could that also be the future of the movie poster? These animated examples of famous movie posters were created by an anonymous Imgur user, and capture the futuristic possibilities of cinema advertising while predicting possibilities for an exciting new industry standard. [Read more...]


Mesmerizing Light Pattern GIFs Go Round and Round

Wednesday 04.09.2014 , Posted by

Turkish multimedia artist and filmmaker Erdal Inci is back with more stunningly hypnotic GIFs. When we last featured his work, he was creating multiples of a single figure in endlessly repeating chains of motion. Now he’s created a series humbly called Light Pattern GIFs, and it’s equally hard to look away. [Read more...]


Bizarelly Animated Portraits Repeat the Weirdness

Thursday 01.16.2014 , Posted by

Romain Laurent can take any normal scene and make it absolutely bizarre. In his recent series of animated portraits, he uses the looping GIF to repeat impossibly strange scenarios from people slapping themselves in the face (with an extra set of arms) or stepping in a circle while keeping their torso still, to blowing endless piles of leaves out from under their shirt. Why are these so ridiculous, and ridiculously fun? Perhaps it’s because this series is just a fun break from his normal routine of commercial projects. [Read more...]


Now and Then: Aged Faces of Centenarians Are Restored to Youth

Tuesday 10.15.2013 , Posted by

aging face transformations 4

Both expectations and memory are funny things. For the youth of the world, they never expect to get old… but it slowly sneaks up on everyone. For the old, it’s often hard to remember just what it was to be youthful. This captivating series puts the effect of aging front and center, showing captivating images of elderly people and then a quick sweep back to their youth in the same pose. [Read more...]


Pastoral Paintings Hidden on the Edge of Old Books

Friday 09.06.2013 , Posted by

1 autumn-new2 Autumn

Here’s something that will have you bending all the classic books in your house: fore-edge painting, the art of hiding illustrations and paintings on the outer edges of a book. The technique, which is said to date back to as early as the 1650s, was recently brought to the webs attention by Colossal, who shared brilliant examples of the result in GIF form. [Read more...]


Life Repeats Itself: A Funny, Looping GIF Per Week

Friday 05.17.2013 , Posted by

Bisous les Compains looping animations 1

In each of these clever animations a stick figures takes center stage, humorously acting out a looping scene in a colorful cartoonish world. Whether the figure is floating away under balloons or falling off a church roof, he never quite learns his lesson. Where does each animation begin or end? It’s hard to say… and that’s what makes each example so addictive and watchable. [Read more...]


Trippy Animated Geometry: GIFs by Mr. Div

Tuesday 03.12.2013 , Posted by


Matthew DeVito or also known as Mr.Div, is becoming one the best GIF animators today. With his talent for combining the usefulness of After Effects and Cinema 4D, he creates unique geometrical GIF’s that glitter and keep you staring longer than a few moments. Chiefly inspired by 1970-80s era motion graphics, Mr.Div is continuing to hone his skill, and if you look at his Tumblr, you will see the level he has grown throughout the past year. It is not uncommon for his tumblr posts to get over 20,000 notes each. For a hobby that began just for fun, it’s amazing to see how it has become somewhat of a tumblr phenomenon. Check out his page to see his latest creations and feel free to contact him for freelance work if you so desire. [Read more...]


GIFs: Nature Repeats Itself

Monday 02.25.2013 , Posted by


To the world of GIFs comes examples that highlight some of more beautiful aspects of the natural world. Whether it be ladybugs, geese, baby turtles or foxes, Dutch tumblr blogger Marinus creates some warm and unique ones. His tumblr blog is titled “Head like an Orange” and he posts animated nature GIFs there weekly. [Read more...]


Abstract in Motion: Mind Bending Gif Animations

Wednesday 02.06.2013 , Posted by

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 12

These gif animations by Zagreb based Paolo Čerić are just sexy. He combines a triple threat of techniques – Processing, Cinema 4D and After Effects – to create everything from geometry in motion to glitch art. Currently studying information processing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Croatia, he tells Christopher Jobson at This Is Colossal that he only started experimenting with animation 2 years ago. How far he’s come. [Read more...]


Rebecca Mock: Illustrations in Motion

Saturday 01.12.2013 , Posted by

Rebecca Mock Animated Illustrations 1

There’s something quietly contemplative about the works of Brooklyn-based illustrator Rebecca Mock. In the romantic animated image we see above, we are almost transported to the room, the level of realism – however cartoonish – easily gives us the imagined sound of ceiling fans in summer. Many of her illustrations have the clean, colorful style of the now classic Japanese animations from Studio Ghibli… it’s a place we definitely want to visit. [Read more...]

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