Whimsical Paintings With Pop-Culture Swagger

Artist Drake Brodahl describes himself as a “part-time, pajama-wearing tube sock ninja”… and even better than that, we think he’s also a black belt with the paintbrush. Inspired by classic children’s books, his often whimsical acrylic paintings have a decidedly mid-century flair, mixing pop-culture references with charmingly humanistic animals. Based out of the greater Seattle area, Brodahl has been exhibiting up and down the west coast of the United States and is quickly gaining notoriety. See his website, drakebrodahl.com for more of his work, or see the latest at his blog, pumml.blogspot.com.

New Movies Are Just Remakes!

Who knew so many of our hit films were merely remakes of old films?! Taking footage from the films of yesteryear, Ivan Guerrero remixes vintage scenes from forgotten silver screen gems to create what look like trailers for our most loved modern films. Featured here are his “Premakes” for The Empire Strikes Back, Ghost Busters, Forrest Gump, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Up!