Classical Cats Dressed In Gentleman’s Wear


While many cats have an elitist attitude as if they were royalty, few have actually dressed the part…until now. Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov has created this hilarious series of cats in seriously regal gentlemen attire. The series, which he calls The Hermitage Court was created for Hermitage Magazine and features a Chamber Herald, Waiter, Moor, and Outrunner uniform, all with holes for tails of course. The costumes in Zakriov’s digital paintings are detailed as exquisitely as the perfectly kept whiskers of the noble cats wearing them. Though I’m much more of a dog person, I would not mind seeing one of these cats drinking tea on the fainting couch in my parlor (if I had one). With their refined style and chivalrous manners, they could teach the cats of today a few lessons.

Colorful Menswear Paintings Pop Off the Canvas

Sam Shuter 1

As much as the corporate world turns me off, the Disney Princesses and rom-coms of my childhood have left a lasting impression and my brain is wired to find men in suits extremely attractive. Artist Sam Shuter has created a vibrant series of larger than life paintings showcasing the strength of a suit in our society. While women’s fashions change as often as the weather, the shape of a well-tailored suit is timeless, but Sam’s color choices bring the suits to life in a fun way. She says, “[The suit] has represented something for decades; power, productivity, strength, economic prosperity, and hard work.” As an artist, Sam embodies everything that she believes the suit represents.