The Strange/Beautiful Cars of the Shell Eco-Marathon

Shell Eco-Marathon Cars header

So, you think your car is efficient. Maybe you have a Toyota Prius or a Volkswagen Golf diesel, two cars known for stretching a tank of fuel and going the distance… but they’ve got nothing on the weird looking cars of the Shell Eco-Marathon. These cars, no matter how good or downright ugly they might look, are designed to squeeze every bit of energy out of their small fuel tanks. The winner of the Gas Powered Prototype devision crushed the competition this year in the Americas, turning in a result of 1524.7 kilometers on just one liter of gasoline. In conventional figures that’s 0.066 l/100km or 3586 miles per gallon!

Why You Should Know About the Strait of Hormuz

Since 2005, Iran has come under constant and increasing pressure from the Western world to shut down its nuclear program. Their underground uranium enrichment sites have been a constant frown producer at the European Union headquarters and of course, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies they’re creating nuclear weapons in said facilities, which he says they’re using to research nuclear power development and medical technology (sure they are). On January 23, 2012, the member nations of the European Union formally approved an oil embargo against Iran.