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30 Years of Sore Thumbs: Photographer Captures His Legendary Game Controllers

Tuesday 07.29.2014 , Posted by
Javier Laspiur Controllers featured

Here’s some tactile nostalgia… but it might give you seriously sore thumbs. Spanish photographer Javier Laspiur has created a trip through the game controllers of yesterday, capturing a familiar, first-person view of many well remembered systems from the last 3 decades. A long time fan of gaming, his series doesn’t record the year the device came out, but instead makes it personal, tracking the first year he laid hands on each system. [Read more…]


An Out-of-Body Experience, in Real-Time – Using an Oculus Rift and GoPros

Tuesday 07.15.2014 , Posted by
Real World Third Person Perspective 1

You’re probably familiar with the 3rd person view in all sorts of video games… even Mario Kart used it. With a viewpoint placed just behind and above the character you’re playing, it gives you a clear understanding of where you are in a virtual space – something a first person view doesn’t always communicate so clearly. Now, two Polish designers have created that unusual perspective in real life – thanks to an Oculus Rift, and two GoPros mounted high on a custom backpack. [Read more…]


How Rad Were Old Game Graphics? The Real World Contrasted With Their Gaming Counterparts

Wednesday 03.12.2014 , Posted by

If you were a gamer in the early ‘90s, you probably remember raving about the awesome graphics. It seemed like the future was right around the corner, about to pop into full color photo realism… I mean, just look at Jean-Luc Picard’s head!

To see how ‘real’ each of those games really was, Brother Brain (aka NYC artist John McGregor) has done movie/game mashups, showing us an animated look at how the old games measured up to reality… or at least a promotional picture. [Read more…]


Classic Video Games Envisioned As Cringe-Worthy Romance Novels

Friday 02.14.2014 , Posted by

Just the thought of romance novels conjures up thoughts of the cringe-worthy images printed on their covers. From shirtless muscled men riding white horses, to passionately swooning women in period costume, it’s hard to find a cliche more hilariously worn. But what if those impossibly romantic scenes were replaced by the coin-collecting, dot-eating heroes from our favorite classic 8-bit games? Shutterstock sent their massive catalogue of images over to illustrator Echo Chernik, challenging him to create a Valentines series that would make any gamer feel romantic. [Read more…]


Anti-Mario Propaganda Posters Inspired by WWII

Friday 08.16.2013 , Posted by

11 - Mario Power Up

Just when you thought your mission to save the princess was in the bag, along come’s anti-Mario propaganda from the mushroom kingdom: “The Koopas are Fighting, Why Aren’t You?” Each of these 17 posters, including the new 7 just released, pay homage to the iconic propaganda posters of WW2. Planting a Victory Garden? In this case, the plants fight back! [Read more…]


Game Changer: Camera Creates 3D Rooms in Minutes

Wednesday 04.11.2012 , Posted by

When it comes to the task of creating 3D images of interiors, complete with furniture and a myriad of colors and textures, the job until now has been highly labor intensive. Now, a new system called Matterport is doing that same job in only a matter of minutes, and making it almost as easy as using a point and shoot camera. The devise, based closely on the Xbox Kinect (in fact the prototype was literally this), uses twin lenses on a hand held unit which connects to a laptop. By simply walking around the room and “painting it,” a mass of depth and color information is collected and interpreted into a 3D environment. [Read more…]


Online Strategy: A New Take on the Game of Risk

Tuesday 02.28.2012 , Posted by

If you are a cartography buff, or really dig on some good old strategy gaming, then this game is for you. Like a new take on the classic board game Risk, the gaming site Major Command is quickly attracting a rabid fan-base of map hungry strategists from around the world. Their mission? Conquering the world by dominating their enemies. [Read more…]


Legend of Zelda: An Evolutionary Family Tree

Thursday 08.18.2011 , Posted by

If this doesn’t get your role playing thumbs twitching, nothing will. Jude Buffum’s evolutionary biology of Hyrule details 200 of ‘the most important’ creatures from The Legend of Zelda video game series. He’s even included a list of binomial Latin names for each of the species and notes that each forking branch indicates an extinct common ancestor of the species that follow.

The piece is titled Magna Arbor Vitae Deku (translated “The Great Deku Tree of Life”) and was offered as a VERY limited 15 print series at this years SUPER iam8bit in Los Angeles. Game on! [Read more…]


Silhouetris: A New Kinect Controlled Tetris

Monday 07.11.2011 , Posted by

Tetris: back in the 1980’s it was the staple entertainment of gamers and bored employees, providing countless hours of dexterous finger numbing exercise. Enter the new kid on the block: Silhouetris. An experimental version of the original game that tracks your body’s motion using the Microsoft Kinect and ups the players interaction to some really fat-busting levels. [Read more…]


Flashback: Replay Vintage Handheld Games

Wednesday 03.23.2011 , Posted by

Donkey Kong JR. – Nintendo Game & Watch (1982)

Ok, hold on to your hats, because we’re about to blast you back through the 80’s on an internet adventure! It was a time when handheld gaming was black and white and the only sound was a simple beep… and it was still a blast. Ready to go? Hipopotam Studio has been swiftly creating Pica Pic: retro handheld games with complete playability right here on the net. Classic and rare titles are included, from Donkey Kong JR. and The Terminator to Search Light and Thief in Garden. Just scroll across the screen to find a vintage game, select it and follow the clever diagram to figure out keyboard controls. After you’re fingers are sore, be sure to check out Hipopotam Studio’s outstanding website… but be careful, you could get sucked in for weeks!

[Read more…]

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