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A Handmade Maze 7 Years in the Making

Wednesday 02.13.2013 , Posted by


Recently on Twitter, a Japanese girl who goes by the username @Kya7y revealed a photo that has excited puzzle fans around the world. It was a picture of a complex maze that her father spent 7 years creating nearly 30 years ago- by hand. The maze is approximately 23 x 33 inches in size and the requests for copies for people eager to try to complete it overwhelmed @Kya7y. There is no word on whether or not she will be making copies available, but she has shared the much-wondered about answer to people’s questions about her father’s occupation- he works in the athletic department at a public university… as a janitor! [Read more…]


League of Legends: The Massive Reach of the Online Game

Tuesday 10.16.2012 , Posted by

The world of online gaming and the amount of players games can attract is continually ascending to staggering heights – League of Legends from Riot Games is no stranger to this phenomenon. Millions of gamers from more than 145 countries play the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game daily. There are 70 million Summoner names registered (what the players are known as), with 32 million active members a month and 12 million playing daily. With these massive numbers, it’s easy to see how video games are becoming a profound source of entertainment in the digital age. [Read more…]


Man-Eater Spices Up the Bus Ride

Tuesday 08.14.2012 , Posted by

Inspired by the monotony of his daily commute on the tramway to art school, Daniel Disselkoen set out to make things a little more interesting. He created a clever game called “Maneater” that one lucky bus rider on each trip would get to play and recorded their experience. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #16 > Advance to Go and Collect Links

Friday 03.04.2011 , Posted by

Collect your daily links after the jump! [Read more…]