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WikiGalaxy Allows You to Explore Wikipedia Like An Astronaut Navigating Space

Friday 12.12.2014 , Posted by

Studying computer science in Paris, engineer Owen Cornec is not waiting for the completion of his master’s degree to begin creating the projects he dreams about. In his free time, outside of his curriculum, he has produced several unique interactive data visualizations. In WikiGalaxy, he invites you to explore Wikipedia as a “galaxy of articles and links”, where you can fly through the uncharted territory and land on Wikipedia searches you might have never thought of. It turns research and learning into a game and a data visualization. It’s easy and fun to get lost in the endless possibilities of WikiGalaxy. [Read more…]


Galactic Typography Galaxifies Your Message

Saturday 09.15.2012 , Posted by

Have you ever wished the universe would write a message in the sky to let you know what this is all about? Well that’s probably not going to happen without the aid of some psychedelics, but you CAN create your own messages out of galaxies with this fun generator by Galaxy Zoo! Using real images of galaxies that resemble letters in the alphabet collected from Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Galaxy Zoo astronomer Steven Bamford created a formula that will “Galaxify” user-generated messages or words! [Read more…]


Space Race: Huge Graphic Reveals the Size of Our Galaxy

Friday 03.23.2012 , Posted by

The people over at Future, a wing of the BBC, have been hard at work thinking of a question bigger than this: how big is space? They tried and tried, and when they were stumped as to what could possibly be bigger than space, they set out to illustrate it. What transpired is something colossal.┬áSomething so big it couldn’t be squeezed into one image in Photoshop, but four separate images that had to be stitched together for out viewing pleasure.┬áPrinted out, the graphic spans 27 pages of A4 paper. [Read more…]