Dropped Over Libya: NATO’s Anti-Gaddafi Leaflets

According to Al Jazeera, NATO has been dropping leaflets in the area of Tripoli designed to dissuade pro-Gaddafi soldiers from fighting for the indicted leader. Each leaflet has an image and message on the front and a longer text based message on the back, designed to inform both nationals and foreign fighters of war crimes by Gaddafi and the powerlessness of his government. What do you think: do these flyers send the right message?

Protesting Graffiti Artist Killed in Libya

Kais al-Hilali was an artist who lived to fight with his brushes and paints, eschewing Libya’s weapons and bloodshed in favor of the satirical anti-Gaddafi graffiti and caricatures that he daubed across Benghazi’s walls. Here we recount the tragic loss of this brave artist:

Only A Free Press Can Hurt Them

We just ran across this somewhat prophetic ad campaign from Reporters Without Borders. Produced about a year ago, it features crinkled images of world leaders who use an iron grip on press freedom to lead their nations. The images expose the controlling and distorted messages these leaders exhort, while at the same time symbolically silencing their voice. Gaddafi, infamous dictator of the now tumultuous Libya is featured, as is North Korea’s Kim Jong-il and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.