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A Day In the Lives of Houseflies: Art by Flychelangelo

Monday 08.05.2013 , Posted by

0 Dead Flies Art by Flychelangelo

With an average lifespan of 15 to 25 days, houseflies know they need to seize the day. “YOLO” they say as they hop around from food to tasty piles of dung, buzzing around your picnics, but there is a part of their lives they like to keep secret, which artist Flychelangelo has brought to life. Using dead fly corpses, he places them in humorous scenes like waiting in line for the restroom, running track, fly pyramids, sunbathing, and public urination. [Read more...]


Classical Cats Dressed In Gentleman’s Wear

Wednesday 07.31.2013 , Posted by


While many cats have an elitist attitude as if they were royalty, few have actually dressed the part…until now. Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov has created this hilarious series of cats in seriously regal gentlemen attire. The series, which he calls The Hermitage Court was created for Hermitage Magazine and features a Chamber Herald, Waiter, Moor, and Outrunner uniform, all with holes for tails of course. The costumes in Zakriov’s digital paintings are detailed as exquisitely as the perfectly kept whiskers of the noble cats wearing them. Though I’m much more of a dog person, I would not mind seeing one of these cats drinking tea on the fainting couch in my parlor (if I had one). With their refined style and chivalrous manners, they could teach the cats of today a few lessons. [Read more...]


Real-Life Griswold Family Builds Truckster Station Wagon & Drives to Walt Disney World!

Monday 07.29.2013 , Posted by

truckster 3

With a name like Griswold, you’re bound to hear a few National Lampoon jokes going around. That was the case for one Georgia family… but they’re having the last laugh. Steve (not Clark) Griswold and his family are now the proud owners of a real-life Wagon Queen Family Truckster, the same amazing wagon from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Their first stop? Instead of hitting up the fictional Walley World, the family headed to Walt Disney World for their first outing. Don’t get stuck under a semi! [Read more...]


Nicolas Cage Has Become a Disney Princess

Friday 07.26.2013 , Posted by

Nicolas Cage Disney Princesses 9

Just when you thought Nicolas Cage couldn’t play anything more weird/bizarre/strange/odd, he’s showing up around the web as Disney’s iconic Princesses. What’s better than Nick Cage’s face on Ariel from The Little Mermaid? Nothing. That’s what. He wants to be part of your world. Get over it. [Read more...]


Casablanca the Wedding? Movie Poster Invitations!

Tuesday 07.23.2013 , Posted by


Alright, humor us and read this in your best movie trailer voice: “This summer, two lovers experience the wedding of their dreams. It’s a love fit for the silver screen, coming soon to a chapel near you.” That’s kind of the gist behind the wedding of Josh Watson and Rachel Van Der Merwe that took place recently… and more importantly the movie style announcements. With the help of Jordan Kapono Nakamura they remixed a few famous movie posters to announce their wedding and reception… creating such perfect likenesses they even fool Google image search! [Read more...]


Animal Bodies on Human Heads: Forced Perspective

Thursday 07.18.2013 , Posted by


When you’re friends with all of your colleagues, work can be a very enjoyable place to be. One creative team in London embodies this with a super fun photo project called Desk Safari. Mike Whiteside of Mike & Ben came up with a clever idea to give his co-workers new bodies with forced perspective by placing laptops and tablets with various animals in just the right position. The participants positioned themselves flawlessly to mimic the animal heads missing from the screen. [Read more...]


Flintstones Living with Jetsons? It’s a Toon Conspiracy!

Tuesday 07.16.2013 , Posted by

ANDREW KOLB cartoon illustrations header

There’s far more going on in Bedrock and Orbit City than meets the eye… and illustrator Andrew Kolb is here to get to the bottom of it. He calls his playful mid-century themed illustrations “Cartoon Conspiracy’s” and in them he’s mashing up history both fact and fiction. The writeups we’ve quoted here are seriously funny, tracing his links between the space and stone ages, and the atomic age and Spongebob’s home in Bikini Bottom. [Read more...]


Funny: Somebody Save Us from Digital Clutter!

Monday 07.15.2013 , Posted by


Okay, so it might not be the most beautiful infographic you’ve seen in your life, but this one surely rates high on the honesty scale… and by the end will have you wondering what the heck we’re doing. Ray, Raf and Will, the three superhero/geniuses behind the online comic series DogHouseDiaries have whipped up another brilliant, funny and true effort observing the current state of our media through graphs… lots and lots of graphs. The thing is, as you read down their list, it becomes painfully obvious that today; our many photographs, music tracks and even our friends are hopelessly disorganized. [Read more...]


99 Problems, But These Posters Ain’t One

Monday 07.15.2013 , Posted by

99 probs 2

So Jay-Z has 99 problems? We’ve been hearing about ‘em for years, but we’ve never been exactly sure what they were. Thanks to Ali Graham, we’re now getting a look inside the life of Shawn Carter, and the scoop on his plethora of problems. This growing Tumblr sensation 99 Problems, has been featuring illustrations of the world-famous rapper and his many grievances, from his issues with popsicles and US presidents, to tailoring and hair. It’s a hard-knock life, but somebody’s got to live it! [Read more...]


Supersize Me- Superheroes On an American Diet

Thursday 07.11.2013 , Posted by

Carlos Dattoli 1

Did you ever wonder what a superhero might look like on the Standard American Diet of refined breads and sugars, fast food, and processed snacks loaded with high fructose corn syrup? Wonder no more because Mexican artist Carlos Dattoli has created this hilarious superhero satire! It’s as if Superman, Flash, Batman, & Robin went on Morgan Spurlock’s McDonalds diet from Super Size Me. From man of steel to man boobs, spandex doesn’t look quite as good on Superman’s no longer chiseled figure and he needs a crane to soar through the sky. Obese Batman and Robin would have trouble fitting in the Batmobile to hit up all the drive-thru’s in Gotham City. And from “super-speed” to super-size, Flash would be going nowhere fast. [Read more...]

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