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Book Covers With One Letter Missing

Monday 07.08.2013 , Posted by

Books Covers with One Letter Missing 5

After a bit of a hiatus, #bookswithalettermissing started trending again on Twitter. Here, book lovers celebrated their favorite literary works by remixing/erasing part of the title and following the hashtags’ self-explanatory instructions: get rid of just one letter. Before long Twitter was awash with ‘new’ books to be enjoyed all ever again: The Da Vinci Cod and Jurassic Ark, were notable examples. [Read more...]


Wookiees in Real-Life

Saturday 07.06.2013 , Posted by

Mako Miyamoto Real Life Wookies 5

When you’re a Wookiee and not off defeating the Empire or shooting down Tie-Fighters, what’s there to do but feast with the family or go rollerskating? Then again, if those aren’t thrilling enough pastimes, you could always practice Karate on the beach or stick up a convenience store. Ahh… such is the life of the Wookiee here on Earth… always looking for the next place to show off your ferocious skills. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #461 > In Need Of Comic Relief: Illustrations

Friday 07.05.2013 , Posted by

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Dogs Dressing Up Like Their Owners

Friday 06.28.2013 , Posted by

Dogs-Dressed-as-Their-Owners 1

It’s happened to all of us: walking down the street with their shaggy dog is an equally shaggy owner… maybe the fuzzy duo even had the same hair color. Surprisingly often, dog owners closely resemble their canine companions, and Bern Switzerland-based photographer Sebastian Magnani is showing us just how close. His wacky collection of photoshopped portraits captures dog owners and then splices their dog’s face into their clothes, complete with human hairdos. Some show a hilarious likeness! [Read more...]


Pun Intended: Hilariously Cute Minimalist Illustrations

Wednesday 06.26.2013 , Posted by


If walls could talk, they probably wouldn’t be nearly as funny as these other everyday objects- like blue cheese, onions, hammers, and light bulbs. Freelance illustrator and designer Jaco Haasbroek has created this hilarious series of minimalist characters speaking what’s on their “minds”. The set, called Food, Object or Animal is comprised of little acrylic and ink paintings on paper with handwritten speech text in all caps. From cheese that’s “mature for his age” to shivering “chilly” peppers, Haasbroek will have you thinking about how to personify all of the foods and objects you come into contact with. [Read more...]


Complete Strangers Meet Up for Family Portraits

Tuesday 06.25.2013 , Posted by

1 Jamie Diamond

You know those cheesy group family shots that your parents pull out anytime you introduce them to a new friend? You were probably wearing acid washed Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls with a few teeth missing- right after that time you got a hold of scissors and cut your own hair, standing behind your mom, hands neatly folded on her shoulder pad. What if rather than uncomfortably posing with the people you’re closest to, your arms rested on the shoulders of a complete stranger? Creating that surreal experience is exactly what NYC based photographer Jamie Diamond did for a series called Constructed Family Portraits. Seeking out strangers in public and via Craigslist, the artist met people in hotel rooms to awkwardly compose the “picture perfect” holiday card that nobody would ever have. [Read more...]


A Beard Man is a Real Man- Hilarious Quote Posters

Sunday 06.23.2013 , Posted by


While some men are rocking full beards, others are dreaming that they could. Whether its genetics, a girlfriend, society, or a corporate job preventing you from getting back to your caveman roots, a beard is not always possible for everyone. But from my personal experience, rocking a full beard can be one of the most incredible feelings. I had mine from last fall through last Spring and found it to be one of the most liberating feelings. I was met with a lot of beard envy as my overt manliness poured out everywhere I went. have created this series of quote posters for all who know and appreciate serious facial hair.
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Vintage Magazines Made into Surreal Collages

Thursday 06.20.2013 , Posted by


Sammy Slabbinckhad a love for vintage magazines since he was a little boy… mainly with classic publications from his parents generation of the 50s to the 70s. He began collecting everything from TIME, to National Geographic and LIFE Magazine – and at one point, he decided to create his own form of surreal pop art collages with his extensive collection. [Read more...]


The Top 10 Strangest Food Trucks

Friday 06.14.2013 , Posted by

space shuttle cafe

One of the best parts of living in a big city is the food options, but with rental costs so high for restaurant space some of the best chefs are cooking their signature staples out of food trucks instead. Sometimes just the delicious aroma can lure you to the food truck window, but in this case the trucks themselves are strangely alluring. Not all food trucks are created equally, and as Jalopnik shows in this collection of the Top 10 Weirdest Food Trucks, some vendors have gone above and beyond in “pimping their rides.” From The Angry Friar-a Double Decker bus with restaurant seating on top, to a lactose-tolerant Trekkie’s dream at Grillenium Falcon, and a Space Ship Cafe truck built from the fuselage of a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, these vendors aim to give you an experience unlike any other. [Read more...]


Disney Posters Get ‘Honestly’ Remixed

Wednesday 06.12.2013 , Posted by

Remixed disney posters Christine Gritmon 1

When we were children, Disney films were often the pinnacle of entertainment, and as our young minds absorbed the fascinating and memorable plot lines, nothing could distract from the sugar filled story playing before our eyes. But now, with adult minds and some critical thought, our view of these films can often have humorous and not-so-innocent twists our young minds could never imagined. These brutally “honest’ remixes of classic Disney film posters by Christine Gritmon, see each movie re-titled with surprising new interpretations. [Read more...]

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