Blockheads, Bubbleheads, & Other Deformations: Lee Griggs Turns Faces Into Art

Although we have a huge variety of facial features in this diverse world of plenty, it’s likely you’ve never seen any like these! Digital artist Lee Griggs uses the 3D software Arnold to create facial deformities that are out of this world. In his latest series Deformations, Griggs takes normal faces and shades and lights them in creative ways that he’s not even sure about until he arrives at a finished product. He loves experimenting with the tool and has created some of the most bizarre looking faces you’ll never see in real life.

Post-It People: Erik RVA Has Created Thousands of StickyHeadz Characters

I think it’s pretty unanimous that Post-Its are one of the greatest things on Earth and illustrator Erik RVA couldn’t agree more. He has been drawing funny faces on post-it’s on the daily for quite some time. He uploads his daily doodles to his Tumblr called StickyHeadz. Aside from the doodles, he often shows the background which inspired each face behind it, with clever commentary below.

Mr. Chickpea & Friends Explore NYC

Sadi Tekin 1

As if the antioxidants, fiber, and deliciousness weren’t reason enough to love chickpeas, their personalities will certainly do the trick. In this playful series of photos by NYC based Turkish artist Sadi Tekin, little garbanzo bean heads explore the big apple. Tekin drew unique facial expressions on a bunch of dry garbanzo beans, utilizing the natural nose and chin grooves of the handsome legumes, then had a field day making bodies for them in unique New York (Ron Burgundy would be proud to read this aloud) locations.

The Ugly Truth: How Disfigurement Changes Identity

Rut Mackel 1

Your face is how the world sees you; for some that makes life easier and for others it builds character. Sometimes it’s hard to separate who we are from what we look like. Could you still be the person you are if you got into an accident that left your face disfigured? Photographer Rut Mackel explores this theme with a project that challenges our perception of aesthetic appearance. He explores the beauty and ugliness that exists in everyone by having normal-looking people make themselves ugly by pressing their faces against a glass mirror.

All Taped Up- Funny Face Photography

Wes Naman 1

With nothing more than a lot of scotch tape and some willing participants, Wes Naman transforms normal looking people into cartoon characters! According to edotmag, Naman got the idea for this project last year at Christmastime when his assistant Joe Godfrey used the tape from his present to bend his nose in a silly way. Godfrey was a good sport and let Naman tape up his face in crazy ways for some good laughs and photos. Now, a year later, he has an entire Scotch Tape Series that looks like plastic surgery gone horribly awry.