9 Art Pieces That Still Need Funding for Burning Man

Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to the northern Desert of Nevada to participate in an environment that is is fully free, without judgement, building codes or legalities; to express themselves in all sorts of imaginative ways. Welcome to burning man, or rather, welcome home. This year marked the most grant money that the Black Rock Arts Foundation has given to the visionary artists at the gathering. While there were hundreds that applied for the partial funding (which was over $700,000 this year), only 47 projects received the grants. For the other hundred, they have to raise the support entirely on their own.

Republicans vs. Democrats: Who Rallies for Science?

For years, science has helped humans make sense of the world around them. In their endless toil to understand our world, scientists have come up with simple innovations to make life easier, complex ones to get us from point A to B, insanely advanced discoveries which have led to putting a man on the moon, and miraculous ones that have saved humanity from previously incurable diseases. However, not everyone is convinced of the value that science brings to humanity.

2011: A Look Back at The Year in Kickstarter

Kickstarter is officially a phenomenon! From funding civic projects like turning derilict New York lots into urban farms, to creative ventures like turning Michigan’s Rabbit Island into an Artists Residency or launching an inexpensive tool for shooting smooth video pans, the funding powerhouse is quickly revolutionizing the way we see grass roots projects come into reality… and no wonder: is there anything more exciting than being directly connected to making well thought out, world changing projects come to life and getting something back in return??