Fields of Gold: Changes in the US Corn Industry [Infographic]


Corn was once a straightforward crop, but the US industry has seen big changes in recent years. Ethanol and GMOs are both relatively new to the scene, and they are both hot-button issues. Since 1980, the use of corn has increased significantly as a result of renewable energy legislation. Not only are we using more corn, but we are using different strains of corn. In 2013, genetically engineered corn accounted for 90% of the planted crop showing a steep increase from just 25% in 2000. A series of graphs were produced by Flapjack Media to detangle the data. The full graphic is available here.

The Strange/Beautiful Cars of the Shell Eco-Marathon

Shell Eco-Marathon Cars header

So, you think your car is efficient. Maybe you have a Toyota Prius or a Volkswagen Golf diesel, two cars known for stretching a tank of fuel and going the distance… but they’ve got nothing on the weird looking cars of the Shell Eco-Marathon. These cars, no matter how good or downright ugly they might look, are designed to squeeze every bit of energy out of their small fuel tanks. The winner of the Gas Powered Prototype devision crushed the competition this year in the Americas, turning in a result of 1524.7 kilometers on just one liter of gasoline. In conventional figures that’s 0.066 l/100km or 3586 miles per gallon!

Don’t Worry, Drive On: Fossil Fools & Fracking Lies

Two things never seem to change about crude oil: the constant warnings that our thirst for it is unsustainable, and the fact that we continue to use it like it will last forever. These two troubling trends are issues which should be dealt with, and quickly, as this intriguing motion graphic from The Post Carbon Institute points out.

Tracking Energy Consumption For Each Building in NYC

Just how much does energy does that building across the way use? Unless a buildings lights are on all night, every night, it’s probably hard to see just how much it consumes. For the lucky residents of the Big Apple, however, a new and fascinating map has appeared on the web to help solve the mystery. From the Flat Iron building to individual buildings in Crown Heights, the map takes an astoundingly detailed look at each and every block in the five boroughs, giving it an energy consumption estimate. Not surprisingly, the gleaming Manhattan skyline easily tops the list as the biggest energy hog.

Oil Prices: A Current Snapshot of the U.S.

Fuel prices have begun to sky rocket in the U.S. again, with no end in sight. It’s leading to rising costs in travel, shipping and consumer products nation-wide. The question: what exactly is behind these rising costs and what can we expect in the future?

Gas Guzzlers: What City Spends The Most on Fuel?

Nearly everyone in the U.S. spends a large amount of time getting from here to there, but what fuels this transportation habit? Not just fuel, but cold hard cash. This graphic looks at both high and low spending in cities around the states, based upon user data from the excellent banking website (where they found that the average user spends $177 per month on fuel). Is anyone else surprised to find Los Angeles so low on the list?