Solar Oven Transforms Salt Water to Drinkable Water

Of all the water on earth, only an incredibly small percentage is available for us to use and drink… the remainder is largely highly salty water, or at best brackish water with unhealthy levels of salt. For much of the western world, where water is plentifully available and piped right to your location this is hardly an issue for concern; but in countries where limited water availability is compounded by heavy pollution and miles of walking each day to collect it, the situation becomes a lot more dire. Enter Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti and his fascinating Eliodomestico.

Brightening Up NYC for Earth’s Most Precious Resource

If you’ve ever been to Manhattan and gazed at the magnificent skyline, you may have noticed that most of the buildings are topped with huge wooden water tanks. I lived there for 2 years before they were pointed out to me on a boat cruise around the island. It turns out that they aren’t ancient relics from the past, but are actually still used today on all buildings over six stories throughout the 5 boroughs. They use gravity to provide water pressure and protect the pipes from bursting. Just as these crucial devices have gone unnoticed by many, so has the water crisis that we are facing today.

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