Au Poil! French Animation Takes It To The Toilette

It’s not to often that you find a story with decided toilet humor which keeps you captivated for 5 minutes, but that’s just the case with this new short: Au Poil! The French language animation brings to life a large cast of interesting characters in its brief running time, introducing us to a host of bathroom accessories with attitude and very different levels of hygiene. It’s a battle for privilege and freedom, all wrapped up in one small bathroom.

A Fantastic Voyage Through Surreal Worlds

Jean “Moebius” Giraud has taken the world on a journey through his amazing mind using some of the most influential sci-fi films and comics. The futuristic surrealism that exists within this creator will remain in the memory of many: he’s worked as a leading artist and designer on such high profile films as the Fifth Element, 1982’s Tron, The Abyss and Willow. Jean Giraud’s visuals have a way of capturing the viewers interest and setting them into stone.

Romantic Art: Fantasy in Self-Portraits

It is always such a pleasure to discover a new artist and get a glimpse into the beautiful and creative nature of their psyches. 20 year old, French photographer, Olga Valeska grants us this opportunity through her dramatic and fantastical photography.

Darth Vader’s Helmet Made From Old Brass Ornaments

If Darth Vader hadn’t been from quite so long ago, or quite so far away, his helmet could have looked a lot like this… emblazoned with wild flourishes, ornate leaves and fleur de lis. In that case, his battles might have involved a lot more swashbuckling and with luck, would have been memorialized in writing by Alexandre Dumas… but that’s another story.

Paris Métro Stations Interpreted Through Costume

Taking a literally-minded ride through Paris’ huge metro system, artist Janol Apin’s photo series captures characters dressed to represent each stations name. The Paris metro contains 300 stations along the 16-line system, making it one of the largest in the world, but only the most literal names, like Stalingrad and Alexander Dumas receive his quirky photographic treatment. For more of this fun series, produced in 1990, see Apin’s website

Structuralism: The Art Of Rhythm

Peter Gabor is a French graphic designer, corporate identity consultant, lecturer, and teacher of typography and graphic arts. He’s the founder and manager of Typogabor, one of the most famous shops for typesetting in Paris between 73′ and 93′. Here Gabor takes a look inside one of his favorite books, Diagram Graphics, by Kazuo Abe and Fumihiko Nishioka — originally published in 1992 — to praise the design of the images, and to focus on the quality of the infographics and their representation.

A Staple of Classic Art

Baptiste Debombourg recently created something beautiful out of a medium usually described as an office supply: a mural created entirely using staples. Inspired by the ancient story of Icarus and rendered in a classic style reminicent of the Renaissance, his modern work is also sure to leave a mark. Titled “Air Force One” –a symbol of sublime power, he says — the piece took a notable 35,000 staples to complete.

The Future… One Hundred Years Ago

In 100 years, what will the world look like? Will we be driving on the surface of Mars and every pair of sunglasses include holographic movie screens? These vintage French illustrations from 1910 imagined what the world would look like in the year 2000. Some ideas, like a teacher electrically pumping knowledge into student brains, are still pretty far off in the future. Other predictions however, hit pretty close to home (check out the projector screen video phone below!). One wonders, what will our predictions look like after the next 100 years?

The Language of Four Beautiful Cities

Filmed on location in London, Paris, Barcelona and Beijing, this quartet of beautifully produced commercials are almost too seductive to be considered ad material… but that makes them more perfect still. Each film follows a hopeful traveler finding their way about the city, meeting new friends and enjoying the sights. The over exposed images are overlayed with crisp motion graphic typography that describes the scene in local tongue. The effect is elegant, educational and moving.

Painting Walls with Supakitch & Koralie

Supakitch & Koralie are a French urban art power duo with polished painting skills. Their work is heavily influenced by Japanese art, and while most of their art is found on urban streets, their work has also migrated inside to serene gallery walls. Here we share a video of the two painting a wall at the Museum of World Culture in Göteborg, Sweden. The piece is part of their Metroplastique project. The catchy musical track was provided by Dick Laurent is Dead.