Voice Over: A Tragedy with a Twist


In this award winning short film we get far more than one tragedy – we get three for the price of one. Voice Over, an award winning short from French director Martin Rosete and screenwriter Luiso Berdejo follows these three stories with heart and mind wrenching intensity, weaving together a story which is at once entertaining and difficult to watch… but one which ultimately pays off with moving elegance.

Animal Illustrations: High Tech or Tribal?

These animal illustrations seem to have wandered out of some high-tech training facility, one where they engineer the latest and greatest creatures of the wild. Then again, they could have been created by a secret tribal society using their ancient knowledge and sacred patterns. Each face-forward portrait is composed of finely detailed patterns, many looking like printed circuit boards, others looking closer to patterns lifted from mandalas. The final creation is readable from far, and fascinating up close.

This is the Remix: Nostalgia Inducing Cassette Tape Art

Dear cassette tape, your days seem to be almost over. I’ll pour a little bit of my heart on the curb for you my long lost friend, with your sweet, sweet 60 minutes of repeating musical goodness. Sometimes you were an obsessively crafted gift from friends or lovers; other times a filling station purchase of perfect road trip tunes. You made me appreciate music like never before, cherishing each song all the more because I couldn’t impatiently push a button and skip right to it.

In Color: Paris On the Eve of World War 1

Welcome to Paris in 1914. It was a time when automobiles were few, the bohemian lifestyle was flourishing, and Picasso was painting guitars while developing Synthetic Cubism. It was a moment in time when Europe was still at peace, and the French capital sat unknowingly on the eve of the First World War.

Street Stone: Hipster Statues Take Over the Louvre

The famous statues at the Louvre in Paris recently got a stylish, sartorial makeover… hip new threads to go with their relaxed, modelesque demeanors. French photographer Léo Caillard teamed up with digital mastermind Alexis Persani to digitally rework the marble figures, bringing them into the modern era with plaid shirts, skinny jeans, boat shoes and, of course, Ray-Bans!

A Rainbow of Origami Street-Art

Like rainbows of flowers popping from the walls of the city, Parisian artist Mademoiselle Maurice’s artwork adds color and vibrance to otherwise stark places… and in this case, she does it with folded paper. Unlike any graffiti/street art we’ve seen before, this artist uses hundreds of hand folded origami shapes in various colors to create her staccato of hues across cement and wood walls around the city of Paris. Though her work may at first appear simple and even naive, they soon reveal themselves as beautiful catalysts for our deeper connection to the city surrounding them.

Stellar Animals: Taxidermy Covered in a Web of Stars

Julien Salaud’s animal sculptures channel the spirit of the astrologers of old, creating complex star like constellations on studded forms. He takes animal taxidermy and hand built sculptures, attaching long nails and pins to them in porcupine fashion. He then strings threads, sometimes covered in beads, between the heads of the nails, creating highly complex webs where the converging lines resemble stars. He calls the series Stellar Animals.

Illustrating Humor from the Therapists Couch

She deals in stereotypes, puns, clichés, humorous self-mockery and has an amazingly cool name. Parisian illustrator Vainui de Castelbajac has a knack for hitting societies funny bone with her works, which look at some of the lesser touched subjects, from lesbian culture to the psychologists couch. Here, in her new series cutely titled “Docteur Rorschach,” she pokes fun at many of the common phrases uttered in a therapists office, transforming their meaning by changing the patient to something far more appropriate… like a troubled nesting doll or ink pen.

Headshots: Happy Toys In Real Life

Ok, I’m predicting a new meme… or at least someone out there should kick it off: Photoshopping kids toys onto your own head. These perfectly executed photographs take the heads from favorite movies like Toy Story, Star Wars and Bambi (ok, and a random cat because it’s the internet) and places them perfectly on the head of a human. Instead of looking like simply a mask or a sticker, the matched hues, lighting and orientation give them an all together lifelike appearance… almost enough to believe these characters are real. So, what’s next? He-man? Care Bears? Wall E? Consider it your daily photoshop challenge.

A Hotel Room With A Split Personality

The Marseille France based hotel Au Vieux Panier has rooms that will either put you to sleep in aesthetic comfort or keep you wide awake with fascination. Each room features the designs and artwork of an artist, graphic designer or painter from around the globe, bringing their unique style to the blank canvas of a hotel room. The latest completed room is not their most relaxing addition: it’s very fittingly called “Panic Room.”