Victorian Era Freaks Take Formal Photos

Travis Louie Paintings 6

Perhaps we shouldn’t call them freaks… these are just normal citizens trying to fit into everyday society. Or are they? From the Edwardian era to the Victorian, these characters are all a bit odd, but they’ve shown up to have their formal portrait taken in their finest clothing; with their hair and beards neatly combed and their individual characters written all over their face (even if that face has only one eyeball). Where did these creatures come from?

Zombies and Monsters and Freaks, Oh My!

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Dare Enter..For Here Be Monsters! This is the message you will be greeted with as you enter the magnificent gallery of Todd Robey. The high school art teacher by day is a Dr. Frankenstein by night, creating, through art, the monsters in his head that he has imagined since childhood. He received his art degree from California State University in Long Beach over 10 years ago, but has only been showing his art for the past 2 years.

Monsters, Freaks, Weirdos, & Oddballs

Imagine a world where the weirdos who live among us are not misfits, but rather the majority of society. This is the inspiration for Berlin-based artist, Johan Potma, who was originally from Holland. Potma was introduced to the world of painting and illustration through the visual world surrounding the skateboarding scene and most of his work is made with acrylics and collage. The artist paints his fantasy freak scenes, on discarded box lids, cigarette boxes and blocks of wood from other times, which allows the cracks, old nails, stains, and dents to represent a piece of history. Each one of Potma’s enchanting characters tells an amazing tale that leaves you wishing you could dive right in to the page!