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Massive Aqua Dice Make a Splash

Tuesday 01.15.2013 , Posted by

1 Aqua Dice

Since life is so largely due to chance, Max Mulhern came up with an awesome idea for a project. With funding from France’s version of Kickstarter, Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, he raised over 5,000 Euros to construct massive aqua dice to be released into the sea near the Canary Islands where Christopher Columbus set sail. The dice were released on 12/12/12 and have a GPS tracker to monitor their journey. They are headed toward Western Sahara and will be an interesting surprise to those along the coast. [Read more...]


Animal Illustrations: High Tech or Tribal?

Tuesday 12.04.2012 , Posted by

These animal illustrations seem to have wandered out of some high-tech training facility, one where they engineer the latest and greatest creatures of the wild. Then again, they could have been created by a secret tribal society using their ancient knowledge and sacred patterns. Each face-forward portrait is composed of finely detailed patterns, many looking like printed circuit boards, others looking closer to patterns lifted from mandalas. The final creation is readable from far, and fascinating up close. [Read more...]


In Color: Paris On the Eve of World War 1

Thursday 11.22.2012 , Posted by

Welcome to Paris in 1914. It was a time when automobiles were few, the bohemian lifestyle was flourishing, and Picasso was painting guitars while developing Synthetic Cubism. It was a moment in time when Europe was still at peace, and the French capital sat unknowingly on the eve of the First World War. [Read more...]


New York New York: Filming New Work from TILT

Wednesday 10.03.2012 , Posted by

You might remember running across the artist TILT earlier this year when he and his crew decorated a Marseille hotel room with what we dubbed as a split personality. Now this french artist with such a bold aesthetic is back, markering and spray painting a piece he calls New York New York. The large canvas is covered with a spiral of bubbly hand-drawn typography and painted in hues from deep purple to light pink. The result is deliciously chewy. [Read more...]


Vintage Infographic: Napoleon’s Tragic Russian March

Thursday 09.27.2012 , Posted by

When it comes to tragic military events, few would rate worse than the French invasion of Russia in 1812. A disastrous combination of situations resulted in the once powerful Grande Armée being reduced from nearly half a million strong, to a shockingly small 10,000 following their retreat. This vintage information graphic detailing the event was created by Charles Joseph Minard in 1869. It is an early masterpiece of good design. [Read more...]


Minimalist Posters Sum Up Each Art Movement

Wednesday 08.29.2012 , Posted by

If you have trouble getting your art movement categories straight, then this series of posters by Outmane Amahou would be the perfect study guide. The Moroccan artist based in France has designed a line of minimalist art posters that simplify each movement into one icon. The colorful posters are available for purchase on Society 6 and would make the perfect gift for an art enthusiast. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #248> Illustrating Great Heights

Thursday 08.09.2012 , Posted by

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[Read more...]


Skin Deep: The Human Body Gets Shrink Wrapped

Thursday 08.02.2012 , Posted by

French photographer Julien Palast brings us a photo set entitled “Skindeep”, one where silhouettes of the male and female forms are presented behind vibrant gradients of color in a kind of “shrink-wrapped” presentation. Aspects of the the human form reveal themselves as the material Palast uses tightly hugs the subjects features. [Read more...]


Impossible Objects: Perfectly Useless & Entertaining

Tuesday 07.03.2012 , Posted by

How do you make a hammer for delicate jobs? Maybe you could make it out of glass. That’s the crazy logic behind many of the creations you’ll find here, defying any sense of reality or possibility of real use. From the warped mind of the late french artist Jacques Carelman, the objects you see here began with his 1969 Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables (Catalog of Impossible Objects) which emulated and parodied the style of the mail order catalog in his own bizarre fashion. In creating his whimsical objects he provided an entertaining commentary on modern society [Read more...]


Bohemian Burlesque: The Photography of Le Turk

Thursday 06.14.2012 , Posted by

Scenes from the city of old: clowns, angels and showgirls… this is the photography of Le Turk from France. Drawing upon themes of the carnival and burlesque style, Le Turk creates surreal scenes with a vintage cinematic flare. [Read more...]

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