Fractal Experience 2: GIFs That Maximize Creativity in a Tiny File

These GIFs may seem like simple eye candy, but they are actually complex arrangements exploring the relationship between geometric patterns, fractals and patterns in the space time continuum. This series is a continuation of Erik Soderberg’s first set of GIFs released in 2011, titled Fractal Experience. In contrast to his earlier work, these images move.

Vibrant, Striking Digital Art by Chris Saunders

1 Chris Saunders

The moment I saw these incredible works of art, I was immediately transplanted back to Fractal Nation at Burning Man. Chris Saunder’s art is so visually stimulating that the longer you look at it, the more you find to appreciate. He brings visionary art into the digital realm and captures the energy of life. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Saunders is now an LA resident and has been creating original digital designs while teaching at the Art Center College since 2004. After dabbling in the traditional design environment, “he had a moment of clarity,…saw the future of art and computer driven 2D and 3D graphics and animation across multiple media platforms and decided to lead rather than follow.

Visual Bits #293 > Build It And They Will…Jump!

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The Evolving Surface of a Fractal Planet

A grey planet revolves, it’s surface constantly changing texture and shape. Valleys form, mountains sprout out of flat surfaces… such is the creative work of Tom Beddard. An ex-physicist, he likes to make home-brew programs that generate interesting math based images and shapes.

Beddard makes his works interactive whenever possible. He is currently working on a fractal explorer that will allow us to manipulate images like the video featured here. Be sure to check out his blog, including it’s many math based toys at