Fangirls Travel The Globe to Find the Locations of Their Favorite Scenes

Good things come to those who follow their joy. In 2013, a group of 3 Finnish “fangirls” decided to travel the UK scouting out the scenes from their favorite movies and TV shows. 2,000 miles later, the girls accomplished their mission and had an amazing time doing it. Rather than printing out pictures to contrast them with the backgrounds as many have done in the past, the girls used their phones and tablets to show the original scenes. They documented their journey on their website and gained much love from the internet.

Classic Movie Wardrobe Photography

In a series of colorful photographs for “Sport & Style” magazine, photographer Candice Milon captured the main wardrobe for some of the most famous characters in film. Each outfit is neatly folded on a solid colored backdrop to capture the essence of each movie through clothing. It’s like looking at what Marty McFly, Forrest Gump, or James Dean might pack for a trip. To see which movie each outfit and accessory set belongs to, scroll over the images.

New Movies Are Just Remakes!

Who knew so many of our hit films were merely remakes of old films?! Taking footage from the films of yesteryear, Ivan Guerrero remixes vintage scenes from forgotten silver screen gems to create what look like trailers for our most loved modern films. Featured here are his “Premakes” for The Empire Strikes Back, Ghost Busters, Forrest Gump, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Up!