Window Silhouettes Play with the World Outside

Spanish street artist Pejac is no stranger to the art of the silhouette. Even when doing highly detailed paint work his pieces often incorporate some form of clever black and white figure or shape. One way he’s experimented with silhouettes is on the windows of his apartments, most recently creating a playful tribute to French high-wire artist Philippe Petit. Here, in an imaginative use of forced-perspective, the tightrope walker balances on a jet’s vapor trail.

Doodles Come To Life on Transparencies

Is that a gigantic polar bear attacking San Francisco?! Fear not citizens, it’s merely a happy bear looking for a back rub… and using the Transamerica Pyramid for help.

Hombre McSteez (aka Marty Cooper) is dreaming up bizarrely fantastic scenarios and bringing them to the real world using just transparencies, white-out, a good old Sharpie and forced perspective. After doodling his work on the clear sheet, he holds it up and photographs it interacting with the scene behind. Each piece is made on the spot, perfectly matching situation – be it a monstrous day on the putting green or an afternoon grabbing tasty sushi (that seems to keep running away).

Animal Bodies on Human Heads: Forced Perspective


When you’re friends with all of your colleagues, work can be a very enjoyable place to be. One creative team in London embodies this with a super fun photo project called Desk Safari. Mike Whiteside of Mike & Ben came up with a clever idea to give his co-workers new bodies with forced perspective by placing laptops and tablets with various animals in just the right position. The participants positioned themselves flawlessly to mimic the animal heads missing from the screen.

London, Swallowed by Flooding Waves

Rupert Jordan Flooded London 1

Sometimes the very best illusions are those that are the most obvious. English photographer Rupert Jordan is taking that thinking seriously, producing a series of images along London’s Thames river that feature the iconic landmarks lining its shores. What makes Jordan’s images so interesting? All his landmarks appear as if they are sinking into a massive flood.

Hilarious Newspaper Photo Bombs: Forced Perspective


Even in the busiest cities where the people watching is endless, a daily commute can start to get boring after awhile. But one sneaky photographer found a way to surround himself with celebrities, animals with human bodies, and even Yoda, making his commute all the more interesting. Using a folded newspaper, he uses forced perspective to transform unsuspecting commuters into princesses, ostriches, and the president! Some of the newspaper photobombs of the anonymous photographer were featured in NY Daily News and he does this all for the entertainment of himself and for a daily pick me up for his friends when he emails them his captures of the day! Talk about perfect timing!

Alexander Kent Shows It’s All About Perspective

Our view of life is often all about our perspective. Whether that is dealing with people around us, the often unexpected situations we encounter in our day to day life, or simply the way we observe our surroundings. London-based photographer Alexander Kent knows this well, using unusual perspectives and visual illusions to create work which makes us look twice and more closely analyze what we see.